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  1. Hiya, one and all! I'm Invader Len, an avid veteran roleplayer and nine times silver medal winner of the international Do-Nothing-With-Your-Life competition! I've been roleplaying for about five years now, on sites like RolePlayer Guild, Soapy Waffles, and Protagonist. Writing is my life, my passion, my escape from the harsh realities and troubles of a first world student! As you can no doubt tell, I'm fairly snarky, but don't let that get you down, deep down I'm a good person. I swear.

    So, a lil about me~

    I live in Oregon in the U S of A, and I've traveled around a lot when I was a kid(like the Thornberry's). I've been roleplaying since I was thirteen as a means to connect to a world outside of campgrounds and national parks, and as a means of gaining some stability.

    I'm a sucker for romance, but I'm wimpy, I can't handle unhappy endings. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan absolutely destroyed me, man, I cried for like three days like the little wuss I am. That being said, I can write sad stuff, in fact I love it, but being a hopeless optimist, it might wrench out a little bit of my heart.

    I typically only do 1x1 rps, just because in my experience, they tend to last a lot longer. But maybe I'll turn over a new leaf on coming here, I know some ads have definitely caught my eye. That being said, if you think I'm cool, and not-quite detestable, feel free to message me if you have any ideas. I guess my standard of roleplaying is low to mid-advanced, I try to write anywhere between 4-9 paragraphs a post, but I like quality of quantity, and if the situations call for it, I prefer one paragraph with the essentials than three of fluff.

    All in all, I'm just popping in here to introduce myself to fellow nerds, and test the waters of the community. See you around!
  2. Welcome, welcome!
    I feel the same way about Gurren Lagaan, oh my gosh!
    I feel sad just thinking about it right now, haha.
  3. No no no, man, don't be sad, cuz, if you get sad, then I'm gonna be sad, and we're both gonna start crying, and I get really ugly when I cry.
  4. Well Hellohello, Len! :D Welcome to the site!