Hello, Iwaku.

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  1. Greetings, mortals.

    You, being the reader(s) of this post will find me to be one hell of a roleplayer. I've quite the experience, so please do feel free to confront me if you've any ideas for a roleplay scenario. I am quite open to any ideas, and am willing to act out most any part you need. That is, so long as you're willing to sign the contract.

    You will know only as much as you need to know about me, whenever it is you need to. I look forward to a long, enjoying stay at your establishment.

    - Sebastian.

  2. Welcome Sebastian!

    I enjoyed your professionalism in your post. =}

    I hope you enjoy it here! There are many amazing RPers here who I'm sure would love to role-play with someone of your caliber.
  3. Oh Sebastian, you're so handsome! *.* <3 Welcome to the community!
  4. I thank you both for your compliments, however, they are unnecessary. If I couldn't post in the caliber of which I do, then what kind of butler would I be?
  5. Hi there and welcome to Iwaku, Sebastian! Heh, that's a popular anime isn't it? Anyway! I hope you enjoy your time here with us and may the Muse be with you! Remember to check out our nifty Help and FAQ sections and if you're looking for a quickie, no character sheet needed roleplay try the Jump-In section as it's always hopping. Have fun!
  6. If you were not trying to be helpful, I would almost be offended. I may be new to this site, good sir, but that does not mean that I am unaware of how to navigate the website. While your assistance is noted, it is most definitely not necessary. For now, however, I plan to allow others to read my profile and allow them to come to me. After all, is it no most like a butler to wait on his master's orders than to go seeking orders from his master?
  7. @Sebastian
    Oh my gosh, you're totally in character!
  8. Lolz. Welcome, Sebastian. Enjoy yo stay you demon, you.