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  1. I am brand new to a forum rp. I have been rping on Imvu for the last five years, and realized its done and become rediculus. o.o Soooo here I am, ~Goes to hunt for her brother~ Let the hunt begin ohhh Ren, come out and play.
  2. Aye, I'm here sissy; our new Adventure shall begin deep within this roleplay community called iwaku.. I have a slight background in forum roleplaying and because of this I must educate you on certain aspects as we venture. Oh how fun this will be, I finally get to teach you something for once.
  3. Oi! You two actually know each other? So I'm guessing ya gunna get started together on some rp or other. I expect an invitation in the mail in the next two weeks. Make the letter fancy, add a seal to it too, like in the olden days, with hot wax or whatever they used.

    Anyways, waves for the cute newbies passing on by down the road! ;P
  4. ~A thin smirk, spreads along her face, and she tilts her head~ Well, is that not normally how it work's little brother, we teach each other a little bit each day? Regardless, I am so very excited to see what adventures we embark on and embrace.
  5. Aye, shot a friend request your in your direction Bramble. You will be hearing from me quite a bit, I am lookin' at getting Krik (whom is like a sister to me) into a RP in the near future. You see she is new to forum roleplaying where as I have a slight background in; my intention is to provide her with the right information. I have a feeling she will actually enjoy this type of roleplaying even though it is greately different from what she may be use to, never the less it will be an experience I look forward to.
  6. Yup, it's going to definitely be a change of pace, but with my brother and I's passion for it, it should work out well, I am excited to get away from certain habits and try something new, new scene, new change of pace the works. So now, he is guiding me along through the wonder's of a forum RP site, and we are working on plot story, etc. We shall you send you an invitation, with all the flare. I also shot you a contact request as well.
  7. I'm guessing the other rp you're talking about is chat based rp? It's all fine and dandy, but it's too fast paced. One of my favorite hobbies is writting. Now, I'm not good enough, or maybe I am, and I'm not patient enough, to write books and sell em and stuff, but I'm been forum rping for a while now, and it's just so much better, imo, planning the perfect character for the perfect situation, or developing a random personality through a story seeing what comical mayhem we can get into.

    I have no preferred gender, actually, the two toons I have here are female so far. I have no qualms about taking requests for a specific toon people want to see played in a story, it just adds to the challenge when it's not something I've played before. But yeah, shoot me ideas, and I always think about my toons in text, so my ideas can become contagious, spurring new strands of the virus. ;P
  8. Hiya Kricket!

    It looks like your are quite lucky to have someone that is actively wanting to help and teach you stuff. It's always wonderful to meet new people that love to write and actively do so. You'll all have to come chat in the chat box once you are able to access it! Then you can chat with other people.

    Anyways, enjoy your stay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.