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  1. Hi Iwaku! I am looking to practice English writing on the site. I'm sorry for English mistakes on site, English is not my first language. I have been studying English for a bit over two years in High School to college, and have been writing for even longer. So do not underestimate me! Don't let my English get in the way of your decision to allow me to role play with you, please! Any way, if you want to role play or guide me through Iwaku, please do feel free! I am kind of looking for a guide through the site as well because as of now I'm very lost trying to find the type of role plays I would like to be involved in. Oh and I almost forgot, call me Aoi! This is my real life name and it's easier for me to filter through a giant text wall!


  2. Hi! Id love to be your help^^ and welcome!
  3. If you want to do a one x one roleplay you can turn to the seeking one on one partner section. There you can make your own partner searching thread or look at other peoples threads and see if you want to join in on any of their roleplays :) Once you have a partner you or your partner can post a thread here in the in character section. Choose the genre the roleplay mostly leans towards and post your roleplay. (You can request the roleplay to be moved if it later doesn't fit that genre any longer)

    For group roleplays, you browse them here (You can choose a genre at the bottom of the page) and once you've found an idea you like, you just post a character sheet in the thread that's linked to the overview. Make sure to look at the prefix beside the roleplay's name to see if it is still open or not. If the roleplay has gotten an in character thread, there will most likely be a linked button to it in the overview named "In character". (It is shortly underneath the part that says "INFORMATION" on the side or at the bottom of the overview. Its placing will depend on if you have a small or big screen.)

    You can also practice your English in the content section. This is where we have writing challenges and roleplay guides and such. There are even members who posts some grammar lessons. To practice your writing and to get some awesome grammar guides, you can go to the 'refining writing' section. There are lots of fun writing challenges over there. I also recommend the roleplay help & discussion section if you need some advice/help with roleplays.

    Don't forget to visit the general chat as well :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.