Hello Iwaku Newcomer Roleplaying Classmates!

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  1. So I am fairly new here in Iwaku--joined date 2nd of Novemeber. So far my experience here have been wonderful! I liked the fact that there is a Jump In Roleplay that let's people like me join at any random time, but... Yep, there is a BUTT... Er, but. I can't help the fact in feeling a bit well, an outcast? Since I am fairly new to this site.

    I know, I know, what some of you guys might be thinking: That I should join some Roleplays that way I'll be able to gain friends, or ask for a partner to roleplay with, or just basically use the Jump In Roleplays to get started. Well, for me, its easy since I am not actually a shy person, but to some... Its easier said then done. Its hard for someone--especially if you are a shy person or new, to ask the old students to join your roleplay since they have there hands full with their current roleplays. So I proposed this... Let's be classmates! To those who are new and had just started just like me, why not be my classmate in roleplaying, that way, the both or the lot of us can be able to play together since both/the lot of us have just started and its not like we know anyone here, right?

    To put it simply, to those who are shy or are not sure of what to do on there first day, why not we join together as a group? It'll be more fun to go at it together then to go at it alone, right?

    So to all the newcomers that had just registered and looking some someone to roleplay with... Why not roleplay with us--your fellow newcomers as well?

    So, what do you think? Let's be Iwaku Newcomer Roleplaying Classmates together?
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  2. Ahh yes I'm not that new but still new -- I haven't started RPing yet haha
    I like this idea of yours, especially since I am pretty shy when starting a talk with others.
  3. Poor you D:
    We should fix that right away!

    Do you have an rp of your own in mind? Or do you plan on joining other rps? If not, I suggest picking the newly created ones or the ones that has a few post. That way its easier to keep up!
    If you don't have a partner yet, why not try me? I'll be happy to rp with you~
  4. I am not new at all, but I think this is a wonderful idea! I wish I had some clever way to to point people at other members in their registration generations without people doing that crazy veteran vs newbie thing. O__O Maybe I will snoop around and look for a toy. >> <<
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  5. Yes, I'm actually in the process of fleshing out an rp I had been thinking of for a while, and I guess I focused too much on it instead of finding an rp to join hahaha

    But yes, I'm gonna go check out the rps after class today, and maybe if you have something in mind, I could join you for a one on one~