Hello Iwaku Community ^_^

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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Oña, female and 26 about to be 27 soon. Don't feel like the age at all ^^. I have roleplayed for a while but when there wasn't a lot of bio's or different things you could do but talk on a plan through im's and then go for it. My longest would have been a short dream me and my friend had of making it into a manga but she is not here anymore so I believe it to be an insult to unraveil the work we had done without her concent. Its been a while since I was near a computer too so I believe its a good chance to try and bring back the parts of myself I miss. Like sharing my creativity and letting it grow with the help of other inspired minds. And to let lose of course lol ^_~
  2. Hello dear! Welcome to Iwaku, the place to fight off dragons, save damsels, steal robots to destroy cities, travel with the Doctor and do so much more!

    I'm sure you'll do wonderful here as people usually do, so have fun creating! =D
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I'm October, hope to see you in some threads soon!
  4. thank you both^^