hello, its me i was wondering if after all this time you'd like to meet

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  1. Hi im new, I have never roleplayed before, please introduce to people. Im willing to commit for a year.

    Thanks so much for having me.

    Much love.
  2. Welcome to the site :)
  3. Greetings and Salutations.

    Since you've said you've never RP'd before I figured I should give you a basic idea on how starting/joining an RP works here.
    Though first I should probably explain what forum RP's even are.

    Basically imagine it as acting meet's writing. You're writing our own book/story, but instead of doing so alone you work with other people. Going back and fourth acting and reacting to each other. This is normally done by writing posts towards one another.

    A brief example made by a friend of mine when we were trying to introduce someone else:
    Though note, most examples will probably be more serious toned. :P

    But there's still the matter of how to join.

    First, you need to look through the Interest Check. Interest Checks are where someone has an idea for an RP and makes a thread advertising/pitching it to others, it's their way of saying "Yo! I have an idea, and need people to play with. Join Please!". So if you want to be hosting one you'll need to make one of these, giving a general description of the world and plot you have in mind, otherwise you just need to pick one you like and sign up.

    Then eventually the person hosting the RP should create an OOC (Out of Character. Note they're divided by Genre) thread for it. This is where once a group is established they create a thread to help plan and organize further. This is where details are ironed out, characters are made, discussion (both related and unrelated to the RP) takes place etc.

    And once that planning has lasted long enough people feel like they're ready to start. The host will create an IC (In Character) thread. This is where the RP posts, like the example I gave above take place, and all the actual writing and acting takes place.

    In you need any more help, or I was unclear with something please ask. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.