. . . hello . . . Is this thing on?

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  1. [steps up onto soap box]
    Ahem. Hello, and welcome to my introduction to rping on this website. I would like to start off by saying I look forward to meeting the many wonderfull people of this website and interacting in a respectfull and possative way. As well I look forward to participating in roleplays with you all. Thank you, and have a wonderfull day.
    [steps off soap box]
    Jeez I always hate introductions. They feel to formal. I wish I could just be all like, what's up yall I'm a newbie but I'm gonna join ya family now, Holla! But then people are all like " Oh well she's a bit excited isn't she!" and then I'm all like Duh why Wouldn't I be! and then They are all like "Because you need to set a good first impressioon blah blah blah . . . " psh. Who cares about first impressions am I right guys? High five . . .Please don't leave me hanging . . .​
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  2. *sneaks in and highfives*
  3. WOO! I wasn't left hanging! YEAH! ^__^ I love this place so much! It's like adventure time but not in my head . . . O_O uh I mean . . . LOOK A SQUIREL! [runs away]
  4. HOLA SISTA! *epic running high five after having leapt from said soapbox. Enter stage right*

    Hi. Im, The16thPun. Forgot my babe there for a sec, had to check haha. Anyway Im still pretty new myself, but hello, Buenas dias, güten mörgen, ni hao, konichiwa, buon giorno, bonjour and *signs hello in ASL* welcome to the site!

    Jump on in. I did, and I've already got a roleplay up! What kinda rps do you like?
  5. I like pretty much every genre but I preffer onexone Matureish Rp's. A friend Who had been on here a while ago told me they had an actual Mature section in case your Story might involve . . . frisker or just plain more mature moments ^__^ Right now I'm hankering for some modern romance's though . . . and I was rambling . . . . >__> Look a flying monkey!

    [please let that distraction hide my scatter brained cluster*#&$ of a mind]
  6. *still hiding in the shadows, throws a monkey through the air to give weight to the shout to see the flying monkey, then disappears once more*
  7. I feel like PETA May have something to say abit throwing monkeys
  8. I'm pretty sure I'll have more to say if it comes back... You know how much those things can hurt someone if they're mad? O_o
  9. On that note, chimps are terrifying
  10. I'll simply leave it at... I'm going to go back to the shadows before that thing comes back... *disappears once more*
  11. [inhales sharply and shouts at the sky] "MEK ITT REIN!" [monkey's start raining down from the sky hurling brown bombs in every direction . . . O_o . . .Hmmm, [Friendly Fire:Disabled]

    HAHAHA! Yes Make it rain my monkey's Make it rain on the battle field of brown!
  12. Hey! I'm Not drunk ^__^ Just in a very very fucking good mood today! Alot of things going my way today! ^__^
  13. Like i watched a documentary once, monkeys rape, indulge in cannibalism against other packs of monkeys abd like monkeys will invade, conquer abd kill/rape enemy territory simply cause they want more land.
    We have like, WW1 of monkeys right now
  14. Plus... Some of them (namely orangutans) are capable of literally just ripping someone's face off... Sure glad I don't live near any monkeys XD
  15. T__T no I summoned a hord of raping poo slinging cannabalistic monkesy T__T My good mood is shattered!
  16. Exactly why I was hiding over here and talking to this punny one, rather than standing out there with those... Demons in disguise...
  17. Holy jumping shitballs batman, have you ever seen a shaved ape?!


    Look at the muscle definition, this thing will fuck you up 6 ways from sunday
  18. *High fives* Welcome to the site, Notebook :D! It's a pretty swell place~

    I hope you enjoy your stay and find many wonderful RPs~
  19. Heeeey! *HIGH FIVES*

    Well... I came to say welcome, but instead I learned about monkeys and their terrifying powers of horrific pain... O.O W-Welcome to the site?!

    :3 Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Also! Friendly suggestion, you should try filling out your roleplay resume! I suppose it's a personal thing, really, but I really like stalking people and seeing what they like. I need to add you to my "stalked" list. >:3
  20. -pats head-
    hahah welcome to iwaku​
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