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Hello there! As you can hopefully tell by my username, I'm Legulus. Feel free to call me whatever you like. Some suggestions include: Leg, Legz, Legs, Legu, Leggy, Mocha, Master, and Your Highness. I used to roleplay a lot when I was younger, but found myself losing the willpower to commit myself to writing, which I saw as extra work on top of school. Still, creative ideas continued to flow in my mind. I found myself constantly daydreaming about multiple fantasy worlds, creating various plots and characters. As I grew older, this habit remained, and I hoped to translate my ideas into writing. Sadly, it was the fact that I had so many ideas that I couldn't write anything, as I was unsure of what exactly to write about. Give me a few years, make me an 18-year-old Canadian who hunts polar bears for a living, and my desire to roleplay surfaced once again. I roleplayed with a few anonymous groups and decided to take it further by joining a forum specifically for roleplaying, and hopefully make some friends while at it.

Beyond roleplaying, I have interests in: music (I listen to a wide array of genres and sing), poetry, philosophy, psychology, anime, and having no life. Feel free to talk to me about anything, though. I'm open-minded. I would also like to talk to some people.

Back to roleplaying! I'm open to most genres of roleplay, but would like to focus on the categories of modern and fantasy. I tend to roleplay more introverted characters, but am rather flexible.

I hope to get along with you all~ ^-^
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