Hello I'm new

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  1. .Hi my name is Daniel but call me Danny or Daxen if you want to make it more specific

    .I am 17 and I am male

    I am both new to the site and role playing

    I don't mind group role plays but I'd prefer solo

    Currently the song stuck in my head is "drive a van into your heart"

    I am a huge fan of the following shows and anime.
    And will role play my OC in these

    .Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann
    . Fairy Tail
    . One piece
    . Dragon ball Z
    . Naruto
    .soul eater
    . Code geass
    . Kenichi the mightiest disciple
    .MLP: FIM (kinda weird seeing this after all these super manly shows)
    . The entire avatar tv series
    . Transformers ( prime and animated are my favorites )
  2. Howdy Daniel, welcome to the site!
  3. Hey, Danny! Welcome to Iwaku (and to roleplaying). I'm Jean; it's great to meet ya! I think you'll find the members here are very helpful and friendly - you should have no problems :)

    (Omg, I miss DBZ)