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  1. Hiya! the names Aiya I'm currently migrating from Desertanime which has become quite empty lately and hoping to get into some new RP's myself i don't quite have many questions at the moment but if i have any i will any way i hope to RP with a good ammount of people on the site :)
  2. Hey there Aiya! Welcome! Well, I'm sure there are many people willing to help you, in case you need any help, be it the admins or some other person, I'm also willing to help in any way I might be able to!
    I hope you find the RP's you want and have a lot of fun here :)
  3. Greetings Aiya! :D I hope you will find many peeps for the roleplayings!
  4. why thank you, i'm always happy to meet new people :)
  5. i should probably ask what is the RP style on this site :P i'm accustomed to many different types, so yes what is the style of RP if you can provide an example :)

  6. ALL THE STYLES! >:3 We want people to play the way they like to play, so you'll find a lot of different kinds of roleplays. Game Masters (Or players posting partner requests) usually explain what they want for their roleplay in their threads!
  7. ahh that is excellent ^_^
  8. oh and where do i post a request to find someone for an RP? lmfao
  9. Depending on if you want a Group, Simple one on one or a Naughty roleplay, there is the Roleplay Talk (for groups or requests in general), the One on One Request forum, and the Libertine Request forum (for your age group!)
  10. i found them but thanks for that :)
  11. Hello Aiya! It's nice to meet you. I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. I hope you have a nice stay here on Iwaku! :3
  12. oh why thank you it's nice to meet you Mel
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Not open for further replies.