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  1. Hi everyone. I'm very new to RP and I'm still confused with this site and I do get lost very easily. I have a few plot ideas, just remember, if you want to give me a shot (which I hope you will) you are going to be my first RP so please be patient with me.

    These are my basic ideas.

    Basic plot #1- character A(my character) an omega prince who is this very rare white fox, he is only allowed outside the palace for the first time on his 16th birthday so he's very naïve, sweet, innocent and curious. He is betrothed to someone, but on his first day out he meets character B this young, handsome outlaw dominate wolf and falls for him. MxM, mpreg. You get the idea.
    I want them to have human and animal forms.

    Basic plot #2- so this scientist has started a new Hybrid project that is the new news of the world. And one night character A and his group of curious college/university friends brake into his lab to see if the whole thing is true. And there is were he finds character B a cute cat/fox hybrid. Character A will be smitten and steal B from the lab, and teach him how speak and those sorts of stuff. Until the police come to take B away from A and give him back to the scientist, by this time they should be in love and all already.
    MxF or MxM.

    Please be willing to play the dom since the sub is what I'm more familiar with.

    Oh, and I don't know how the spoilers work yet.

    If you interested or have more ideas and want to share with me please just message me.
  2. So in the second idea you would like to play A or B?
  3. Hi, well I would like to play B
  4. And I would need to be... dominating? As in cruel?
  5. I'm note sure myself
  6. Well since I'm rescuing you I would see my character as more of the nurturing type, but I could possibly twist it into a pet that I want to keep all for myself, but then how would I react when the popo came? Possibly murderous rampage... If I were the kind strong-willed/strong-hearted man who rarely let anyone into his heart any more until you break my walls, I'd be more affected by the police taking you away and more willing to fight for you in a less homicidal way...
  7. He is your character, whatever you see for him is fine. And if you think the plot needs a few changes just tell me. :D
    Oh! One more thing I'm a lil' uncertain of. You see me and someone else started the second plot on MP not on thread so I'm not sure if that counts as taken. -blush- I'm very new
  8. Well, it's only taken if you say it is, darling. If you don't want the same plot then yes it's taken. If you're fine with the same plot with different details then it's open. Up to you.
  9. I would love to use the same plot. Every. Person thinks differently so it will be a new story.
  10. I like the first idea :)
  11. Okay Pm me if you want to do it. Then both plots are taken yeah!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.