Hello im new.

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  1. Greetings! Welcome to Iwaku!
  2. Until I can distinguish a name for you, I'll just call you Inu-chan.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Inu-chan.
  3. Thanks guys can one of u help me and tell me how to change my name?
  4. I can. You click on your settings, and scroll down to locate an option that says "Edit Username." There's lots of other options too :3
  5. Hey welcome to Iwaku, here are some helpful links for first timers.

    If you are new to role Playing you should check this out, it's really helpful. Also we love beginners here ^.^
    Here is the Academy. It's a really cool program on Iwaku where other writers and roleplayers are there to help you better yourself. Just go there and fill out the info, it's also a great way to find a good partner.

    The rest of the site is all about browsing around, I look forward to see you ^.^