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  1. I forgot to formally introduce myself here in the New Arrivals section because I did most of the introduction on my own page. (Ahem) Hi, I'm Marcus but you can call me King_Dalmasca or Pokemon Trainer Red. Either is fine with me. I'm not new to the art of Role Play but am no pro either, and I just love a good story with lots of people because I enjoy reading other's styles and such. I hope to really enjoy my stay here and make a lot of friends. It's nice to be here and even nicer to meet ya' all! ^-^
  2. Hey, and welcome to Iwaku~
    Since you have been here for a while then I figure you do like it here~
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  3. I guess that is true. Thank you for the warm welcome~ ^-^
  4. Your welcome~ ^^ hehe
  5. Wait, "Dalmasca" Dalmasca? Traitorous assassinated by Basch's twin brother, King Dalmasca? (Final fantasy 12)
    Hmm, I don't know how to feel... Nevertheless! WELCOME, TO, Iwakuuuuuuuu Roleplaaaaaaay!
    Have fun roleplaying who ever you roleplay... and being Red. That's eventful isn't it?
  6. Greetings your Majesty. :3 Welcome to the site!
  7. @Ser K+
    Yes, FF12 is one of my favorite games and I've carried the Dalmascan name for about 5 years ^-^ And thank you for the warm welcome~ Also, very eventful, yes!

    Salutations to you as well, young admin. Thank you for the warm welcome ^-^
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