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  1. Hello you can call me Gunnolf if you'd like but i also go by the nicknames Lone Wolf, Gun, Kokoro, Kaiyo, Fen and Fang. But like i said what you call me is up to you ^_^ I am a 19 year old guy that likes any and all RPs though i tend to lean towards Fantasy, Mythological, Combat, Romance, Adventure, Treasure seeking, Mercenary, Bodyguard, Beast or animal pack RPs but i will join in any genre. I will play almost any kind of character though i usually prefer My vampire/beast character, Animal (wolves, tigers, leopards, foxes etc.), Gifted Human, Swordsman, Knight, Healer, Magic user, Gunman, Person with a bad past, Loner (will talk but tends to be distant and quiet at first), Animal hybrid (half human half animal etc.), Demon, Shape shifter. I much rather prefer Wolf packs over the other options xD As for my favorite song i don't really have one ^_^

    Here is my Vampire/Beasts characters info: Name: Gunnolf Age: 50,000 considered an extremely old ancient. Species: Vampire/Beast. Affiliation: Beast. Occupation: Hunter. Height: 6ft. Hair Color: Blue Black. Eye color: Amber Gold blind in the right eye. Appearance: Same as avatar minus the wings though the sword is held in a sheath. Smokes: Yes. Drinks: Yes. Drugs: No

    Abilities: Able to shift into any beast, can shift into his a special beast form (information on that farther down), shadow magic and shadow walking, able to see the blood and veins in living beings, able to summon beasts, can speak to beasts, able to move at extremely high speeds for short bursts of time (flashing), can open a portal to anywhere he has been, can heal almost any wound on himself, can heal minor wounds on others, able to cast basic elemental magic, master at blood magic, day walker (the sun wont kill him just cause his skin to sting and will hurt his eyes) can turn anyone or anything into a vampire.

    Weaknesses: large amounts of holy water, crosses, wooden arrows, wooden stakes, nature magic, fire, prayer, and beast tamers. If you get a collar on him he is bound to you until you release him.

    Preferred weapons: Sword, bow, knife, fangs, fists, claws and shifting.

    He is not used to dealing with others having been alone for so long now. He lives in a large mansion in the middle of the deep wild forest that was gifted to him centuries ago when the man who he was bound to serve died. The mansion is run down since he has been the only one living there. The only part of the house in good repair is the library which is full of books in almost every language and on almost every subject. The mansion is five stories tall and has 1000 rooms including the bathrooms and storage rooms. The forest around the mansion is full of wildlife of almost every kind you can think of including a large white dragon. He tends to be blunt if he speaks at all. He tends to be silent and distant to those he has just met. He finds it hard to trust others at first but if you gain his trust you will have his eternal loyalty unless you betray his trust.

    Beast form: Name: Unpronounceable in all languages but Beast Tongue. Age: 50000. Species: Beast. Ht: 25ft at the shoulders. Wt: 15 tons.

    Abilities: Same as Gunnolf's regular form, fur can stiffen into a shield like layer stronger then any substance, fur can stiffen into spikes, can control each individual strand of fur, can produce a roar filled with energy that causes shock waves and will rip whatever it hits apart, claws and teeth can rip through anything, extremely flexible spine, can withstand a huge amount of injuries.

    Weaknesses: Same as Gunnolf's regular form.

    Preferred Weapons: Claws, teeth, paws and tail.

    Gunnolf's inner beast. He is the king of all beasts and holds dominion over them. His name is unknown to all but the beasts. He is a dark and violent being with a thirst for blood, death, violence, destruction and chaos. He is full of a dark twisted energy that corrupts those who are touched by it turning them into half beast beings under his control. He wants to bring about the world's destruction.
  2. Oh screw you Gunnie, you have more views than me. ;w; I shall get my revenge!
  3. HAHAHAHA have fun getting your revenge but don't be suprised if i am not shaking in my boots xD
  4. Hey and welcome to Iwaku!

    My name is Tetsuri.

    That's a pretty cool character that you have there.

    My suggestion is that you put it in a note or blog it for safe keeping so that you don't lose it.

    Enjoy your time here on Iwaku!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm sure you'll fit in JUST fine.
    Plus having revelry already should be good. Makes things more interesting. ;)
    I'm also sure you'll do fine here and find a role play you'll enjoy.
    Make some too while you're at it.
  6. Thanks for the advice about the note or blog. Though i don't know how to save him in a blog yet xD
  7. Some very awesome details here! Glad to have you with us, Gunnolf!

    If you need anything, or have some questions..Let us know!

    Enjoy your stay!