Hello I'm a bird (or am I.....)

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  1. Caw caw!

    Tis I! someone who needs to stop drinking all the caffeine late at night :)

    anyways I'm not new to roleplaying, I have been for almost 2 years, college student, life happens so I don't like fast paced rps.

    I'm pagan, a tree hugging dirt worshiper, and a total hippie.

    Yay stuff!
    The Talking Raven
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku little birdie.

    Oh your hobbies remind me of the people here in Oregon. Nice people. c:
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  3. I live in the big forest of California! So I am fairly close to Oregon!
  4. Oh my word. HELLO DOWN THERE! -Waves.-
  5. *Waves back* hello! its fun to met people from up there ^_^
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  6. Quite! Although, I've only been to California once, and I did not step onto California ground, as I was in a car. T^T Never got to meet people there unfortunately.
  7. mm, depends where you go how people act. Just avoid southern California......Northern California is where it is at!

    but come visit when we are not in such a bad drought.....got several fires going near me at the moment. Luckily I haven't had to worry about evacuations yet.
  8. Stay safe. Please.
  9. I will! Luckily they have a good handle on the fires so I should be good. I have faith in our Cal Fire guys!
  10. Yay! Has the terrible earthquake news entered your area? T^T
  11. If it was the one in San Francisco then yes, I live just due east of there.
    right now the news here is all the fires and the once missing girl was found dead.
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