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  1. ((Um...Hi my name is Jill sometimes called angel it depends anyway enough about me after all its not for me its for them))
    Muzai: I want to go first!!!!
    Luna: M-muzai cant you um be patient im pretty sure nat wanted to be first...
    Nathan: Oh its ok luna just let the yandere go first
    Muzai:HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A YANDERE I AM NOT A YANDERE!!! *she stabs nathan with her Knife*....he hem Now that thats over with... Hello I am muzai I am not a yandere....((shes lying)) AM NOT *stabs jill* anyway....I just so happen to be in love with Edward Elric The fullmetal alchemist-
    Nat: *recovering from blade* she stalks him *gets another blade into his chest.
    Muzai: its called watching from a distance not stalkin... anyway as i was saying I love edward so dont you lay a finger on him....im done
    Nat: wooooow thats all you had to say? really? It amazes me that even though you know he loves winry your still friends.
    Luna:U-ummm can we stop fighting please....
    Muzai: Listen winry promised me ed was mine so therefore were cool...how about you go mr. no backstory yet
    Nat: Fine it doesnt bother me anyway I know my story when its finished will be awesome *smiles* Hi I am nathan call me nat I hate the yandere witch over there but me and luna get along...oh and theirs not much known about me yet. Ok Luna your turn
    Luna: u-um are you sure they wont hurt me will they?
    Muzai: Ill hurt you if you dont hurry up
    Luna *starts to cry*
    Nat: Look at what you did
    Muzai: she was being annoying shut her up nat before I do
    Nat; *whispers and calms luna down*
    Luna ...well ....um Hi i guess my name is luna and um I am an angel...Im not a normal one though....Humans p-please dont hurt me
    Nat: good luna you did it *he pats her*
    Muzai: so were done right????
    ((yeah yeah why are you so mean to luna my albino angel *huggles luna*))
    Muzai: Im not mean *throws knife it misses*
    ((well thats all for now thanks for listening))
    Everyone: BYE!!!!

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  2. Hi Jill and her personalities! O_O Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. ((Thanks personalitys Ive never heard anyone say that their my ocs
  4. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
  5. ((thank You uwu ))
  6. hello *bow to you three* and welcome to the site i hope you guy injoy the site and have a blast if you have any question just ask... and if you'd like to rp i am your gal :wolf:
  7. Yup! Ohh PS I love Envy! Lol
  8. ((envy is awesome XD))
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  9. ((yeah just let me know and mycharacters will give you hell XD))
  10. sounds fun i will pm you and we can come up with something
  11. Evening, and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time here.