Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?

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  1. Song title lyrics aren't totally original?

    Well... I'm Rekona! Greetings and salutations and what not! I am biologically 26, but really am just a very tall and well spoken 4 year old. I've been a role-player for many a year, but most of my rp partners have vanished into the ether of being grown ups and as I have gone back to school to study molecular biology, I have a lot of free time and if I don't break up the straightforward writing of journal articles, I will lose my mind!

    I am also rambling as it is late. If you make it through this, you have an obscene amount of patience.

    A bit more about me... I suppose I am a fan of gaming and reading and of science. RP-wise, I really love world building. Give me the chance to make up a new planet, a new realm, a new species... I will have myself a field day. As such, I tend to do a lot of fantasy and sci-fi stuff, but I look forward to meeting you all and expanding my repertoire! I also tend to draw for RPs I get really into, so if you offer me your permission, you may end up seeing sketches and comics featuring your characters! Bonus? Maybe.

    I shall wrap this up to not scare you all too much!

    Fair writing, fellows!
  2. Well then, you will LOVE our world building section! 8D Maybe you can help us fill it out! Welcome to the site, Rekona!
  3. I did not even realize there was a world building section. Glorious. This is a glorious discovery. I will have to wander on in there after I draw myself a icon because, as adorable as space kitty is, I need a little more me on the side there!
    But I thank you kindly for the heads-up and the warm welcome!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Rekona-san
    The world building section is amazing as Diana just told you
  5. Thank you kindly, Soulhallow! :D I have enjoyed perusing it of thus! I look forward to getting started. Just have to amp myself up to do so. Apparently I've been struck with a case of the shies.
  6. Hello Rekona, always nice to see another toddler in the body of a twenty-something around here. I'm twenty-five myself and was terrified of being surrounded by "kids", but it's not been like that, which is wonderful. I hope you have fun here.
  7. Thank you kindly, Terpsichore! I certainly creeped for a bit to see if I would be way outside the age demographic around here before I signed up. But an insider affirmation is most appreciated. I look forward to writing with everyone regardless!
  8. Welcome to the other side of the Fence.. Prepare yourself for the battles!~
    The Zombies lurk around, the crazy pink bunnies with Huge eyes ( Do Not Feed Them!!) aaaaaand the flying marshmallows..~

    Enjoy your stay ^^ - as long as you last in this Madness-

    Tiger power ! Rawwrrr ~
  9. Heya, welcome to the site. A worldbuilding fanatic, are we? Brace yourself for an invitation then! I'm 25 myself but I'm not sure I'll ever stop acting like a rebelling teenager... or devil's advocate, if that's any indication.

    Either way, hope you'll have fun rp'ing here.
  10. Oh gracious! Look at me totally not paying attention to the thread I made:

    @PureKor : Fear not! I always carry my towel! And a machete. However if I can't feed the bunnies, these here heads of lettuce have become suddenly useless. Blast.

    @Kestrel : Thank you kindly for the welcome! And yes... I adore world building. I especially enjoy working on cultures and myths. I certainly look forward to this mysterious invite. ... And good. You better not stop acting like a teenager. Give me all the more excuse to not be an adult! I shall not turn them away!
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