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  1. Hi every one. I'm Skull but feel free to call me any of these names;
    • Devil
    • Demon
    • Jinxx

    I've been role playing for about four years now, give or take a few months and consider myself a low semi-literate to low literate role player. I role play in first or third person style and try to add some type of detail to my posts; centering it, making the font a little smaller, etc.

    Any ways this is some of the stuff I like, note that this is all copy and pasted from something I posted on another website.

    • I am not a religious person so if you are I don't think we'll get along to well if you talk about it a lot.
    • I have a little bit of an obsession with Lucifer, AKA Satan or The Devil, I absolutly love him and everything about him fascinates me.
    • I love skulls and anything along those lines. I actually own a few skulls, bird skulls to be exact, of my own and plan on getting a few more if I can convince my mother.
    • I consider myself goth or gothic so thats what a majority of my characters will be as well.
    • I only role play male x male pairings or transgender pairings unless it is a non-romance role play.
    I am LGBTQ, pansexual and gender fluid to be exact so I don't care if you call me a he or a she.
    • I am in estern standered time + one hour but I am on all most all day every day even when I am at school.
    • I love anything reletivly evil; old fasion vampires, demons, devils, and the like.
    • I love all most anything along the lines of a sterotypical goth; the cloths, the hair, the music, etc.
    Death Metal and just a majority of metal music is my favorite so if we were to do a band type role play I would prefer if the band sung music along those lines.
    • I love the bands Black Veil Brides, Satan's Angels, and Solipsist.
    • Anything on the relative 'dark side' of religion I love .-. It just fascinates me.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Lucifer.

    I like metal, too. I am a fan of most genres and can have long discussions about obscure metal bands.

    We should be friends.
  3. *roots around behind his throne of skulls*


    *finds something*

    *offers Skull a lollipop*


    It's made of congealed gender fluid.
  4. We should take a screen picture of your introduction so you can have a laugh at it five years from now! o_o

    Lots of awesome death metal out there, what are your favorites?
  5. Taagghh! No literateness! None! None! *Shakes the skulls! Shakes them!!!*

    Break that naughty habit and we'll be the bestest of friends! <3 I will call you Skulls, cause if I call you Lucifer I will just think of a friend's roleplay character that I might accidentally be in love with. O__O

    Welcome to the site!