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Hello I am back and IN the mood for a MxM Romance of sorts

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SuperOtaku, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. OK so If you read the title you understand that I want a MxM RP. I've been on leave from RP'ing for a while now thanks to My war buddies taking me on a cross country road trip and so now that I'm back I'm ready to RP again. I was hoping someone might be interested in an old RP that I never really got to play out.

    Rusted Hearts- During high school it wasn't very easy to fit in not being popular. But for Sam, well he had it worse. He was gay, meaning less relationship possibilities and more bullying. But thankfully he was saved from that by his night in shining armor. He met another Boy a strong protective boy who pledged his love to him sophmore year. Thanks to that Boy his high school career was easy sliding from then on. But after high school, his night in shining armor did something he never would have wanted. He signed up for the military. He went off to fight in some war that Sam never even wanted to be a part of and he stayed. For eight years he served and now finally after eight years he's returning. Sam can only imagine the pain and suffering he went through over there or the trauma. He only hopes now that they can pick up where they left off. In love and the rest of there life ahead of them . . .

    So basically my character Sam, would have met your Character ________ Who he would fall in love with. But then your character went off to war. After eight years he's returning and Sam hopes that ____ Still loves him (Which I want him to) and the RP will basically be about struggling with The Issue of being Gay and having served. Sam of course will have some home issues he's not wanting to share such as work people hating him or mistreating him because he's gay and of course yours will have issues of there own that I kind of figured you might want to etch out. SO that's that Just let me know if your interested.
  2. Hey I remember we did that together and you messaged me saying you didn't like it. Would you like to try again?
  3. Yes Absolutely. I just Lost interest in it at the time because I was going through Alot But I'm More then happy to Start one Up again ^__^


    Age: 26




    There is your character sheet and here is Mine ^__^

    Name: Sam

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 120

    Show Spoiler
  4. ^__^ eep! I like that Pic! OK SO Would You like to come up with the first post your character showing up at the airport and calling mine to come and pick him up? Or would you like me to make the first post?
  5. Hey EXP, Sorry But I've got Lawkheart and Then One more so I'm sorta all full on this RP sorry.
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