Hello, I am a newbie and am ready to introduce my self.

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  1. Hello my Main rp name is Shavella but i have many more, my RL name is Bethanie.
    I am a female and only rp as a female
    I am new to This site and it is my first RP site but i am not new to roleplay.
    I play D&D, WOW, and Magic the gathering
    My fav kind of rp is Fantasy (Yes i love the ones with elves and all the typical or non-typical races)
    I am 18 (19 on november 3rd) i do not rp with anyone over 26 or under my age for the fact that i also do adult roleplays.
    I am very hyper and perky.
    I go to college and am an English Major.

    hmm thats pretty much it have any questions or just want to Say hello or welcome me just comment on my profile or send me a message! <3 :3
  2. Welcome to Iwaku fellow fantasy lover. I am LogicfromLogic, your local madman
  3. Tis a Pleasure to meet you sir! thank you for the warm welcome. :3 and aren't we all a bit mad? <3
  4. Edger Allen Poe once said he suffered from a horrible bout of sanity once.
  5. Yes and Poe was a wonderful man. I don't know what I would do without his works of Literature.