Hello! How are you?

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  1. Hello! I am new to this site!!
    My name, as you may have guessed, is Aaliyah. Just not with the extra h at the end.

    I have been roleplaying since i was about 7 years old, on different sites and sometimes in real life with my cousins. It is very time consuming, which is good for me, and is very fun. I love fantasy and Real life RP's, and sometimes i will do fanatics or what not. It just depends on what you suggest to me.
    I am a literate RP'er, not meaning that i post 1000 paragraphs, but that i use proper grammar and punctuation.

    So, if you want to RP with me just let me know! Nice meeting you all, in advance!

  2. Hello and welcome to the community, Aaliyah! I hope to see many creative works from you!
  3. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  4. Okay :) I do too!!