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  1. I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday filled with lots of fun and shenanigans. =)

    So, while I am rather new to this site, I have been involved in role play of one form or another for about twelve years. I love writing, and it has always been my favorite hobby and outlet. There are few things as satisfying than creating my own characters, and building an interactive world for people to experience.

    Good times. ^_^

    So, a bit about me. Sadly (or not) there's not much to tell. I am perhaps a few years older than your "typical" RPer, and I am a substitute teacher. Not much else to say about me. I like writing to rock music, and when I'm not writing I'm probably enjoying yet another play through of Dragon Age: Inquisition, or possibly Mass Effect. =)

    Recently, I was invited to Iwaku by a writing partner, so here I am. =) I look forward to starting up some stories, and perhaps the occasional mischief. ;)
  2. Greetings Merlot! ^o^ Welcome to the site!
  3. Hello and welcome to the site, Merlot =3 Your avatar makes me feel warm just by looking at it. All you need now is a signature with a gif of a burning fireplace to make everyone feel perfectly cozy~
  4. And I've been so good at avoiding gifs... >_>

    Wine, anyone? =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.