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  1. Well, here we are.

    My name is Casey. I am 22, I live in Las Vegas, and I'm so thirsty for roleplay that I'm pacing a rut into the floor.
    I love to RP! I have been doing it since I was about 7 years old, when my best friend and I would pretend to be original characters over the phone. Since we were, you know, seven, the plots didn't start out as being what anyone over the age of 10 would describe as 'good' or 'making any sense'. I remember there was a time we both rode our respective dragon Pokemon to Hogwarts so we could save the Sailor Scouts. Can you tell it was the late 90's/ early 2000's?
    When I got to middle school and got a shiny new roleplaying friend, we went on to roleplay a needlessly complex multi-generational story for the next nine years. This is where I really got my feet wet with it. In my junior year of high school I started getting more into online roleplays with strangers, and for two years I was a dedicated member of a chat-style Avatar; The Last Airbender rp (until is slowly disbanded due to scheduling problems). After that, I was off.
    I roleplayed a bit on gaiaonline, did things with friends from school, games with friends I made online, a few forum style rps, played a bit of roleplay heavy Dungeons and Dragons, and anything I could get my hands on.
    But for some reason recently, I have found myself only rping maybe once a month with some people left over from the A;TLA group. And that's it! This is the driest spell of RPing I've ever gone through.
    I googled 'rp forums' and found myself here. So, hello!
    I'd love to make a few new friends and maybe get some juicy plots going.
    About myself: I love to draw and write, and I'm currently working on a science fiction novel. I like to play video games and collect abjds! I tend to be a little bit of a scatterbrain, and if I get comfortable with you in an ooc chat, I might START SHOUTING BECAUSE I GET VERY EXCITED ABOUT THINGS!!!!! EXCESSIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! Let me know if that bothers you and I'll knock it out straight away!

    I work a retail job with a changing schedule, but I'm always free in the evenings. I'm open to nearly any kind of rp you have to offer. Check out my resume and give me a shout!

    You can find me on tumblr !
  2. Welcome to the Madness xD. Super excited person ^^

    Enjoy your stay here.. Fu fu ~ remember though, nothing is what it seems in Here >:)
  3. Why, thank you friend!
    And oh my! I shall be sure to heed your warning~
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  4. Hiiiii Casey! :D Welcome to the community!
  5. Hello Diana and Razilin! Thank you both for the welcome!
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