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So uhh... Hello there! You can just call me GK.

Came across this awesome looking RP forum and decided to have a look around.

Hello Iwaku community and I am looking forward to some good times here. XD
Or so I heards.

-Offers a newborn puppy,
with five eyes and one leg.-
I hope you like it here.~
Ooh! You are one good gift giver, Stacisaur. XD

Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for the puppy. I'll be teaching it how to lay eggs on people's stomach and spit acid.
True, true. I love fresh meat. Welcome to Iwaku.... You will definitely survive. And enjoy it!

See you around!
Hi there! Welcome to Iwaku, GK. Hope you'd have a good time here.

I know you will ;)
Thanks Selenite and megane-kun.

That's two more people who aren't plotting my eventual demise.
That's two more people who aren't plotting my eventual demise.
Are you absolutely sure about that? *lol* Anyways~ It seems you're beginning to get the hang of it. XD

Hope to come across you in the roleplays soon!
Hello new person that has a strangely pretty yet manly avatar!
Hello, newbie, welcome to Iwaku.
Your avatar is a little alarming in a way I can't place.
Anyway, I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.

I hope you've had a chance to take a look around.
General section is great for out of character conversation.
Anyway, if you need any help, please do ask!
Hello thar and welcome to Iwaku ^_^
Your personal homemade hel- i mean
O_O heaven, your personal made heaven =]
Haha thank you so much for the welcomes Diana, Kitti, and Tenchi-Roku

*looks at previous avatar and snickers*

Fufufu... Just as planned.

I've changed it now though XD