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  1. I have a bad habit of never having enough roleplays, even when I seem to be the busiest person on the planet. So here are some plots, and if any of you are interested, please feel free to reply or message me through PMs. :D


    1.) Ravers/party couple. Don't necessarily have a plot, but we can easily come up with one or more. MxM or FxM.

    3.) Burly/ruggedly handsome biker x Coyote Ugly dancer (or something similar). Biker dude meets attractive babe in a bar. There are several ways this could go - it could even be interwoven with the first plot if wanted. I'd like to play the babe (girl), so if someone could play a gruffly hunk of a biker, that would be lovely~ c:

    5.) There's a lavender-haired boy who likes to cross dress, but mostly when he's home or when he's out in the city where it's unlikely he'll be seen by anybody he knows. Introverted, he doesn't have too many friends. One day during school (could be a HS or college setting), he meets another boy. This new guy has secretly had his eye on the LH boy and finally initiated some way for them to meet. Their relationship continues from there. I'd like to play the LH boy. :3 There is also something I would like to add with the LH boy, but it isn't necessary. Can be discussed through PMs.
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  2. I'll go for the first one. Angry sex = Awesome sex Haha, and the plot can get pretty good especially if wild cards are thrown in such as a family he sees the relationship as abusive and seeks to separate them, or another person who offers a loving/caring love instead of the violent/seemingly hateful love that the two already have. I'd like for it to be MxM cause I don't get to play it that often and I'm perfectly cool with a "swtich" relationship.
  3. I'd be interested in playing the sexy buddy that the PTSD solider hooks up with. :P MxM Is my favorite. :P
  4. Still open~
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