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  1. Hello Iwaku!
    I'm Wish, or feel free to call me Wishy if you'd like.
    Well, I love to roleplay most of the time. I've been roleplaying for a few years now I woud have to say. I love roleplaying mostly anything but my favorites would have to be fantasy anime anime roleplays. I also love anime/manga, reading, writing , and drawing in my spare time.
    I hope to make friends here and roleplay with people here c:

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  2. His wishy, I wish for immortality and 10,000,000$ and 71 woman, beautiful woman from aroud the world.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Wish! :D

    I had to squint soooo much to read your post. I'm getting old! D:

    *ahem* I mean... Reading manga is one of my favorite hobbies! ^_^
  4. Yay anime :). I watch more than read but to each his own. Hope you likes it here!
  5. Howdy Wish! Welcome to the community! :D