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anime au, can consider fantasy or sci-fi depending on how well setup it is.
Hi! I'm Jacobsenia. I'm 24, and I've been roleplaying for well over a decade. I got my start on the NICKBoards in my childhood, then to Neopets, Quizilla, fanfiction.net, and...Quotev. Now I'm here.
I recently realized my time at Q was done. I still have a few accounts up there that i check on occasion, but the roleplay community is a mess on there and it's just not what I'm looking for, anymore.

I'm hoping Iwaku will fill the hole that I've had in my heart since Q began going downhill.

So...some info about me.
I primarily play humanoid characters. At most, with some animal parts (ie, wings or ears or such). I love world building and would love to eventually get a group RP started based on some of my more developed ideas.
I do a lot of fandom roleplays, too, though. I haven't done anything aside from Genshin or BNHA lately, but...I'd be interested in changing that.


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Romance, modern, high fantasy, comedy, post-apocalyptic.
Welcome to Iwaku, Jacobsenia (or kafka, now? haha)!

Another FF.net immigrant, hello friend. It looks like you've been around more sites than I have, so I hope Iwaku has what you're looking for! We've got tons of roleplayers with different tastes, so don't be afraid to toss out a search thread and see what interest you can catch :^) If you need any extra help getting settled here, let any of us on staff know, since we'd love to give you a hand.

Have a great day <3