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  1. Hey all, you can call me Jess. I've been roleplaying for quite a long time and I'm interested in a lot of different styles and genres so I'll be all over the place here, I'm sure. I'm from the northeastern United States and I'm going into my third year at university for architecture.

    I had been on Gaia (gasp!) for the first few ears and after deciding that it did not satisfy my needs, I moved around and settled finally on another site which will be closing down soon. Very sad about it. ):

    But now I'm here and I'm ready to get some new things started!
  2. Hey hey, I was on Gaia for a bit too. Still pop in here and there to try to get free art, hah. Sucks to hear your last roleplay site is shutting down, but I've got the feeling this one will make a nice replacement. I've been enjoying it, at least.

    Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! I see we're already going to be roleplaying together in the Fallout universe, but if you ever want to plot something else, feel free to shoot me a message.
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  3. I think everyone tries Gaia at one point, hahaha!

    Welcome to Iwaku, happy to have you join us :)
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