Hello Hello You Don't Know Me :3

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Would you like to RP together?

  1. Sure! :D

  2. Nope, sorry! :(

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  3. I'mmmm still thinking :P

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  1. Why hello there :3
    As the title said, you may or may not know me (not that that's important) but, I had just come back from a hiatus and school is coming to an end and so I was looking to get into some really good rps to introduce the summer ^u^

    Now, I haven't role-played in a good 6 months so my writing will most likely be a bit rough around the edges in standard but i'm also hoping to improve - so killing two birds with one stone ;)

    As for plots and role-play information -;

    1. I'll only be doing male x male rps for now
    2. I love love love horror and psychotic themes
    3. I have found myself shifting away from fantasy as of late but I'll make exceptions ;)
    4. Replies, I beg of you, to be at least 5-7 descriptive sentences, or more if you are adept.
    5. I play both submissive and dominate roles so plots with me playing either are fine :D

    6. School is still ongoing so my posts may come as slow and I apologize for that
    7. I'm flexible with any plot, if it seems boring or I am uninterested I will make sure to tell you or add in some ideas of my own
    8. Let us get to know each other! Please PM me if you'd like to rp together. I feel like getting to know the person I rp with helps our characters to connect better in the role-play :)
    9. For sexual themes, I'm all for it! :D :D The only things that I do not permit are Scat and Bathroom play everything else like BDSM and other kinks are okay, let's just discuss them first ;P
    10. lol I dont have a ten I just really needed this to be even XD

    So yeah! Let's enjoy ourselves and stuff :D If you have any ideas you can reply here or send a PM :D

    ( 3/3 RPs )
    o.o That was quick. Sorry but no more requests will be taken at this time due to the limit being reached. I just don't wanna have too many and then I don't reply to some~ If anything, I will open this again. Thank you very much :D
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  2. Oh I would love to roleplay with you!

    I have some ideas for a MxM roleplay, if you want to hear them?

    If you're interested, shoot me a pm!
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