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  1. ...and Hello

    I'm Bexasaurus or Bex and I guess you could say that I'm one of those people that join a site and hang out after a while, then disappear only to come back for the long term. I've decided to face role-playing seriously mainly to help my writing skills. I want to write like an adult and not like a teenager, but really what's the difference? I really don't know...I'll just keep on role-playing until I'm satisfied of my writing style I guess.

    I'm not actually a beginner role-player like it says on my Roleplay resume, but lets pretend I am.

    Technically I've been role-playing for 5+ years now, so I sort of have experience...a lot of people that I've role-played with have more experience and it makes 5 years seem like nothing, so yeah.

    Anyone want to role-play...pm me.

    I didn't exactly introduce myself, or at least not very well so here I go:
    I'm a 16 year old which means I'm a teenager. I'm at the rebellious stage people.
    I hate authority when in person. My zodiac is scorpio and I was born in the year of the tiger, so that explains it.
    My favorite color is green, blue, then red.
    That's about it.
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  2. Hi there meg, welcome to the site! :D

    There is no such thing as writing like an adult, especially since there are so many adults that can't put together good sentences either. O_O We'll say writing like a savvy bunny!
  3. @Diana
    Hey Diana, I've already met you and now you officially get to know me...sort of. Mehhh, I don't really know you though and that's not fair. Hand over a thread to your intro Mademoiselle! Lol.

    Writing like an adult doesn't exist, but savvy bunny exists? This doesn't make sense...since when do bunnies write. I didn't know it was a thing...to write like a savvy bunny.

    Though adults can't put sentences very well...at least they can put words together or letters? I don't know.
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  4. I want more people to greet me...greet me you dull-minded creature(s)!
    *pretends to be loki*
  5. I'm greeting you, sheesh.

    Hello, I am Kay! The flowery demon of grief. Think about it.
  6. @KayThePilotChapter
    Took you long enough, I've been waiting for you!

    *prods* I'm bored, entertain me.
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  7. Only two people have said hi to me...I need more greetings so I can figure out who wants to socialize with me.

    *boosts thread up with the power of bumping*

    (thank you to the two people said hi and to whomever will reply after this lol)
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  8. Hello my bunny-sister-friend :3
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  9. Hello my bunny-sister-friend :3
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  10. @Seihou
    Wahhh, you're phone acted up and posted the greeting twice...awesome!