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  1. The following request is not for the light of heart. Suggested to use multiple characters in the roleplay: You might need them. I am looking for someone who is active, frequently replies, can type around a paragraph or more (with exceptions, of curse) and has no limits in general abuse situations. Instant message roleplays (such as in Chatzy or Skype) are acceptable and perhaps even favored.
    All positions are open, both for the facility's patients and workers. Having both is appreciated.
    The following is the plot:

    Are you or someone you know feeling down? Suffering from depression? Want to die? Why waste your life on suicide? Contribute to science and the better of the world! Why waste the lives of unsuspecting people and animals--especially animals, when who knows if the results will be the same on humans? You could die for the sake of our future! Turn over your suicidal patients to Lake Evelina Sanitorium & Experimental Facilities!
    There wasn't much someone could expect from an ad like that, but the outcome was cute; So many people were turned over. Some turned themselves in, others were dragged in. Eventually, websites became tired of reporting dramatic teenagers to Suicide Hotlines, and Lake Evalina had more human income than ever. Funny how when the teens got there, they suddenly didn't want to die... That came true to a lot of people when they first got there. The trouble was, was that a lot of people's life times were stretched out as far as they could be pushed. With a steady supply of subjects with no driven goal or government pressuring, they could do anything, their goal soon becoming to push the patients as far as they could until they died.
    It was a clean place to say the least, with pristine white walls, just like any hospital. Even the rooms matched that of a hospital, in most cases of course. That was mostly for new arrivals. Some of the most extreme projects called for keeping the patients all together in a long, stretched out room with perhaps twenty beds on a row on either side, each person tied down accordingly and let to rot just to see how they communicated with others in their time of dying. Without a goal, it was just manslaughter and sadism that could not be stopped.
    They didn't care if you escaped: some said that it was a place to learn a lesson. Most people who came face to face with their own mortality never wished to die again. Maybe you'll be lucky. Maybe you'll get out. But until then, the pristine halls filled with monsters they created out of people, those they drove far deeper in to insanity, and the inside cliques of people trying to survive and pitting themselves up against other groups in their plans are where you will be stuck, over and over again, regardless of whether you are a doctor, janitor, or unlucky patient.
    Everyone in Lake Evelina is a slave; your position in life means nothing to insanity.
  2. Hi! This sounds like a really interesting plot, and I'd love to give it a try, if you'd be interested in role playing with me.
  3. I'd absolutely love to! Do you wish to do it here or on Skype/Chatzy? If we do it here, I will make us a thread in the Drama roleplay area once you are ready, we can discuss characters here first in either case though.
  4. I've found I've had better role play experiences on skype. I talk to my partners more, discuss plots and whatnot more... so I'm gonna have to say Skype. I'll send my user name in a pm. Add me and we'll talk more! I look forward to rping with you!
  5. oh man ill join up if i can
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