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  1. Thought i would say hello to everyone.

    Recently joined the forum to play D&D with my good friend Asmodeus who introduced me the Iwaku, and to Roll20. you gotta love the internet to bring people accoss the world to play D&D. Although there is no substitution for pen and paper D&D around a kitchen table with a cup of tea. That's English tea :D

    What can i say about myself. Never really RP much outside of D&D, which up until a month ago i hadn't really played in about 7 years. Used to DM for a number of years and enjoyed playing in various campaigns run by Asmo and other DM's.

    Since then after out regular D&D group all moved away I became addicted to the infernal game Wow and am still playing it :(

    Really miss the good old days of having marathon D&D sessions every Saturday night around the living room back in my care free days. Would love to DM again as really miss creating a world and getting people to follow a story line, but planning takes so long and with a family, buisness and baby just dont think i will ever have the time to DM again.

    Anyway look forward to meeting you all.

    FYI my spelling is atrocious and i often use my phone to reply so with auto correct its even worse :P
  2. Well hello there friend of Asmo. I foresee many DnD campaign kidnappings in your future. >:] Welcome to the community~!
  3. Thanks for the welcome Diana, I can see me incurring many a 'God Bolt' from Asmo. Hes a DM who is not scared to kill his PC's.

    I do like your signature, made me chuckle.
  4. Hello Aarkom! Welcome to Iwaku~
    I hope you have/are having a nice time here