Hello. Greetings! Sorry? Hi, don't mind me.

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  1. Can't leave me alone for a moment now, can you?

    Just for a bit. But it gets boring after a while. Look, they're reading your words now.

    I can see that.

    Anyway, hello everyone. I'm--


    --new. Yes. We're not always like this, but just for this forum and the OOC moments, we have a bout of interfering thoughts like the case of Marvel's Dr Nemesis.

    He's cool, isn't he?

    Troublesome, more like. Anyway, Ashalia here--

    --Or Ash, if you think she's too grouchy. Jellybeans and pasta.

    I've RP-ed for a number of years. Slot in some hiatus periods between those times, and you'd probably get a clearer picture on how often I RP.

    Not at all, actually. But she's been reading books and ignoring her writings. Might be a good idea to go back. Yes. Right? Hurrah! Fiddlepots.

    But I DO intend to be a little more active than usual. I miss writing, and I miss interacting with other people through stories.

    We like hiding behind our characters in shining armour. They seem cooler than we are. Hehe.

    Embodying them, perhaps. But yes, that sort. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

    Likewise! And I'm just the attention-seeker parasite residing with this writer. Been trying to get some synchronisation with her, but meh.

    We await you in the plains of Creation.
    We await you in the plains of Creation.
  2. Ich hab Angst!
    (I'm afraid!)

    Haha, I'm just joking. An.. interesting intro?
    Hope you enjoy your time here. ^^
  3. It creeped me a tad bit out, but I guess that's a good thing?

    Hello and I hope you'll have a great time on Iwaku!
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  4. You need not worry, this is a normal occurrence.

    Yes yes! Please don't run from us. We only want friends--


    Ash isn't the nicest, but when she is, it's probably the last thing you see of her before you expire.

    I do not instill fear. Not often.

    But we're quite stable! Don't worry. Just a little trick, a small play on words--


    We'll get it right.

    Often. But not the synchronizing.

    She's still refusing that.

    That aside, I thank you for your warm welcomes.

    Maybe you can convince her to be less grouchy too, so I can synchronize wit--

  5. Hello, plural Ashes!
    You guys haven't filled out the roleplayer's resume yet!
    Your profile is quite empty without it.
    Nowhere near as fancy as it could be.
  6. We were in the process of it.

    That means, she didn't find it when she was looking through the things she could edit about her profile.

    That too, only written in a more professional manner.

    Like government officials telling you to wait for hours for just one document?

    Enough of that.

    Happy stark maple trees of blue! No.

    In any case, we will get to that the soonest.

    If she's not busy doing something else, tee-hee.

    If you stopped harassing me, this could have been done faster.

    If I stopped that, then that will stop you and your very existence.

    -- Minutes Later --

    We have completed it. You may view our roleplay resume to your liking.

    It is thick with her straightforward boredom. No, really, she actually loves the cheesy ones.

    Plot above all else.

    As long as it's...that. Yea.
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