Hello, Greetings and good tidings, friends.

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  1. If you're viewing this, then hello! I'm Scrollworthy, an RPer and budding author who's been "in the business" (if we can call Rping a business) for roughly three years now. I've done many different genres, but I excel at Final Fantasy like roleplays.(fantasy basically...dragons and stuff. whoo!) But don't think that makes me a one trick pony! I know how to break out some other styles like realism, horror and many others.

    Hope to start creating with ya'll soon!
  2. Welcome and nice avatar! :D

    I would say you can ask me for help, but I joined yesterday...

    Either way, I hope you enjoy this site!
  3. Hello and Welcome! :D I'm going to call you Inky, because that's what you signed off as! -nod nod- Anyways, my name is Mittens! ^^ It's wonderful to see you here on Iwaku, all new and shiny! :D If you ever have any questions, feel free to PM me or any Staff member (those with dark blue names) and we will all be happy to help!

    Hope to see you on the playing field! :D