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  1. Hi there!

    The name's Twinkie, and I was referred by Jack Shade. :) - Joined because I'm a tad be curious, and hey, it's good to try something new from time to time, no?

    Sadly, the only Role Play I've really done is based on Bleach, so I suppose a few pointers here and there will be helpful ^_^

    Hope y'all don't bite (too hard at least ;D), and I'll be happy to try some RP's if any can nudge me in the right direction.
  2. Ello Twinkie! Always good to meet a friend of Jack's. Anywho, I'm in charge of the Table-Top Tyrants, a group dedicated to things like DnD and TCG. Come take a look if you're interested in play or even just learning!
    Other than that, I'm just getting back into the RPs so you'll probably be seeing more and more around the forum. IF you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Oh god...I've been followed.

    *Ducks under the sheets*
  4. Hi and welcome you delicious little treat that never seems to go off.

    I'm Vay, part of our ever caring staff here on the site. My PM box is always open to questions and its my job here to answer them and give you pointers on anything you need to know, even if that pointer points to someone else who has the answer.

    One of the first thing you should do if help us get to know you, you can do that by starting a thread in the member's central (look like you figured that our already); filling out a ROLEPLAYER'S RESUME, or the best way ever plotting with us on one of the OOCs. Another option is the ever occupied CBOX and remember all we want is to MAKE YOU ONE OF US!

    *stamps foot on the trapdoor to shut the chanting up*

    Brother Jack, you've done us proud.
  5. Yes Brother Vay another to the fold. *Stares blankly at Cthulu*
  6. Haha, welcome!
    Good to see a friend of Jack's, always.
    I'm Kitti, pleasure to meetcha.
    I'd love to roleplay with you - you ought to join mine, make one for me to join, join one I'm in, or hit me up for a one-to-one to get warmed up!
  7. My name's Miru, and well...Prety much exactly what Ki-chaama just said. XD
  8. Yo. I'm supposed to be the silent mysterous figure. Do stuff.
  9. I voted for Past and Pending ^_^ the reviews on it seem quite positive.
  10. Oh, I REMEMBER YOU! *glompsnuggle*

    You know me. I'm Soulless. I'm sure everyone else has already given you all the pointers you need so I'll just welcome you. If you need anything just grab me on skype or something.
  11. Welcome to the Iwaku! >D
    *gives cupcake* Well, everyone really covered up just about everything...
    Hope to see around the forums soon!
  12. Welcome to the site.
  13. Hiiiiii welcome to Iwaku!! Enjoy your time here!
  14. Sylvie

    “Huh?” I question as she almost immediately showers me with affection, ruffling my hair and wrapping my arm around me, squeezing me to her. I don’t know how she puts up with me or even shows me affection. I scrunch my nose a little, but I bathe in the affection happily. I do give out a fake pout, pretending not to enjoy it as much as I do. What can I say? I don’t want to get too attached in case she decides to go back to her family and I don’t want her to get too attached to me. I don’t think getting attached to me was humanly possible, but it seems Kendra was certainly trying.

    “Um...I can handle living like this Kendra. It just hurts me to see you dragged down because of me.” I grimace at my words. Shoot. I didn’t mean to say that too loudly. “Er...back to the matter at hand.” I flatten out the sheet of crumbled paper. I hand it to her and explain “Do you remember when I was exploring the neighborhood that one night? I was trying to see if I could find work, like walking some yippy dog or cleaning someone’s house...I found this in a trash can near this huge...nearly insane mansion. I’ve read it over and over again for the past week and have been debating about going.” I rub the back of my head nervously. It would certainly be nice, I haven’t been to such a nice house since...well, er...since I was bought.

    I grimace at the memory of him introducing me to the house. That’s where you sleep, don’t mind the fact the door is locked and one hand is constantly chained up to the bed post. I promise it’s cozy. Bile starts building up in my throat and it takes a lot of energy not to wretch.

    “It’s a house that promises to take care of people like us. It seems pretty legitimate. When I passed by I saw a few kids. They seemed happy enough. I just wasn’t sure if it’s actually safe, and I fear, perhaps quite stupidly, that it’s some sort of trap. That somehow this could be a lure for people like us. But the kids seemed happy...and the house seems cozy...oh goodness Kendra I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired and I want a damn shower. I think there may even be a library there...and nice beds...I think they have food there too...” my mouth waters and I have to wipe at my lips sheepishly with the back of my sleeve “So I figure if I’m dragging you around with me still...you should at least be cozy.” I hug the notebook to my chest.

    “And besides...I think I we both need a good place to rest our heads. I’m so tired Kendra and I know you are too. Don’t try to fool me. I can feel your exhaustion radiating off of you. I can tell you haven’t slept in a while and that’s not healthy at all.” Gently I press one hand to her cheek and I try to seem if I can make her more cheery than tired. It’s hard to focus and I yawn lightly