Hello from the UK

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  1. Hello role players, my name is Rob, I am a 26 year old financial advisor from the south east of England. I am new to this site but have been writing for a few years and enjoy it thoroughly. I am very much open to anything creatively, I always believe writing is about pushing those limitations you thought you once had. Write as you wish to live your life, with eyes wide open. I would love to jump into some role play to get things started, warm up a little so message me please. Any questions, just ask.
  2. Hey, Clockwork, welcome to the forums!
    I would recommend you to check the jump in section first and see if you can find a genre that you like there.

    By the way, if you are somehow interested in the walking dead series, you might as well check this RP out.

    And also, I'm living in England too! :P
  3. Greetings Clockwork, welcome to the community! :3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku