Hello from the newb

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  1. Hello,
    You can call me Zen, and I suppose I'm supposed to say hello and introduce myself here. I've been looking for a good roleplaying site for a while and stumbled upon this one, it looks pretty sweet so I joined. I'm a female roleplayer and I've been roleplaying since 8th grade (now in 12th). Please feel free to stop by my page and look at my resumes and what not.

    Thanks for your time reading this,
    Zen =]
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! We have another member that goes by Zen, So I'll call you Zeno..or Zen2...Ok maybe not Zen2, that was totally uncreative. Anyway, glad you stumbled upon the site, we have so much awesome packed in here it's shocking!
  3. haha thanks =] you can call me zenny if you want or even zennethen
  4. Zenny! :D Welcome to the community, madam Zenny!
  5. Zenokami! ZK? Zenzen.... no that's too Japanese. Welcome to Iwaku! Roleplaying is king here so I'm sure you'll find something fun soon.