hello from the great otter lord

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  1. Hello i am Kawauso, and I am the lord of all otters, feel my ottery wrath!!!!!
  2. But... What about... SQUIRRELY WRATH?


    Like I said in my PM to you, welcome to Iwaku. Only this time, I give you a herring, which you must use to chop down the tallest tree in the forest.

    (It can't be done!)
  3. haha Welcome to Iwaku! I suppose I should give you my normal warning, beware of the Cbox there is practically no rules there! Enjoy Iwaku!
  4. Welcome <3
    Lemme know if you need anything <3
  6. Character Name: Dallas Connor
    Face Claim:
    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
    Birth Date:
  7. Hehehehehe...
  8. I like otters! :D
  9. With my ottery wrath and your city clearing firpower we can conquer all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just need the 51ST. 'Nuff firepower for me.
  11. *Stomps in looking around and waving to the inevitable fate the B-52 is about to deliver to him*

    Welcome to Iwaku. Name is Soldato, resident robot and cbox dweller. Don't get on McCarthy's bad side. He will find a way to blow you up with a knowledge of war so great he stole his horse.
  12. Haven't read your post yet. Just got home.

    but here's another idea.

    puck isn't on nat's team. RAVEN is.

    She is investigating some unusual magical activity. And she tracked it to natalia.