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Hello ladies, gentleman and those of unspecified gender; The name's Burning_Shade but just feel free to call me Shade, if that suits you better.

I've been doing writing for about roughly 17 wonderful years, give or take a couple years, I'm pretty flexible in the genres I write though I do find my preference to be in something that has a good smattering of several genre rolled into a singular setting. I do enjoy slipping in puns and some humor on occasion, so I apologize in advance for trying to be punny.

I'm a pretty laidback person and generally enjoy getting to know people, my work schedule in real life is a bit chaotic so if I don't send a reply I'm either busy at work and haven't had time to log in or I'm sleeping. But don't let the stop you, feel free to throw me a message and I'll do my best to shoot one right back at you as soon as I can.

I am a bit new to writing on sites like this so I do apologize if I take a bit to get my feet wet and really start cranking stuff out but I'm absolutely down to begin writing and plotting stuff with all of you as soon as possible. so go ahead and reach out, hope to hear from you soon!
Welcome to Iwaku, Shade! We are happy to have you even if I'm already dying at the mention of puns and groaning at the very thought of them!

Now for my standard commentary to all wonderful new newbies; a super helpful little starter for getting your feet wet, you def should take a look at the Newbie Navigation! (Def worth reading through as it has some great and useful information to get around Iwaku)! If you've got any other questions or thoughts, feel free to shoot a message to the mod's or interns. They have fancy green names so they are easily to track down!
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Ehehehehe bring on all the puns! XD

I mean welcome!! I too love throwing in humor wherever I can. Any time I can make someone laugh reading one of my posts, it's a job well done!
Welcome welcome! Hope you love it here as much as we do!
hello hello! welcome to this silly little site c: i hope you enjoy yourself <3