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  1. So... technically i've been a member since the end of July, but other than a quick jump into chat with the person who referred me, i haven't really been around until i popped back in this week.. and this time i'm geared up and ready to stay :)

    I'm a 35yo mom of two. My eldest is disabled (autism) and i am his carer.

    When i'm not being supermom to him and my daughter, i'm busily burying my nose in a book (currently working through the GoT series) or crafting and making things.

    I've been writing since i was 7 when i first dabbled in poetry, and i have had some published over the years, and i have been Roleplaying for about 18 years.

    I've mostly played in Sword & Sorcery Fantasy kind of genre, although i have also played in X-Men, Post-Apoc and a little Star Trek and Harry Potter on the side. My staple for many years was in the Pern world of Anne McCaffrey and i'm somewhat of a Dragon geek where her books and lore are involved.. i was once a moderator on one of the few RP's the Lady herself approved before she opened her world up to others.

    I am a geek, i love all things Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who and Red Dwarf :) I'm obsessed with Dragons.

    I love to write.. i don't get a lot of time being a carer, but once my kids are in bed, i like to relax, and how better to spend a few hours of me-time than with other like minded people and getting to story build :)

    I will admit, i'm currently very rusty having not written for about 10 months or so after something that knocked my confidence in my abilities very badly and i thought i'd never write again, but the bug is slowly coming back so its time to indulge it.
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  2. Well then here is one of your official welcomes @IsisShadowsong!

    I'm on the first GoT book as well as another book currently and I have season one of GoT which is sitting somewhere.

    I think that is really great about your published poetry and how long you've been role-playing and writing. I'm interested to see some of your work too. I'm also glad the urge is still in you to keep doing it. I hope to see you around the forum.
  3. thank you :)

    I was dithering over posting a few bits over in the showcase so people can see the kind of stuff i've done before. Its easy enough with my poetry, but much of my RP has been done in tandem with other people, so i'm not sure on sharing their stuff along with mine.
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