Hello from Crazyville!

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  1. Hello everyone! I go by kittyluna, as that has been my online handle for almost ten years now, and it is hard to shake. You may call me Kitty, or Kittyluna, or crazy. I answer to all three. I have been roleplaying for well over a decade, and still find it enjoyable. I can rp male, female, or whatever. I am up for group, one on one, and whatever kind of rp. I am a very flexible person, and have nothing but time on my hands!

    I also am a bit of a writer, and have a bit of my own world going on in my head. If you are interested in ever exploring it, just ask! Please don't be shy, even if I am at times. '

    I look forward to rp'ing with many of you!!

    [Just a note, I don't actually live in Crazyville. I just am a bit nuts, so I say random things sometimes. No worries however, I do have a buddy here who will keep me in check and kick my behind if I ever fall behind!]
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  2. Darn right I'll kick your but if you fall behind *grin* Welcome aboard.
  3. Welcome, new person! So, shall you join Kirah and deliver your soul unto the Murder Game community? >:)
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  4. I'm trying to get her to join that one. She's on her way to pick me up from work right now. If there is still a spot in that rp tonight I'll poke her into joining. *evil grin*
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Hello Kittyluna! Welcome to Iwaku ^ ^ I hope you enjoy your stay and get to make a lot of friends here!
  7. Thank you for the welcomes! Yes, I will be joining Kirah in the murder game, as well as several other things, but I do look forward to doing my own thing.
  8. I will call you Kitylu! 8D Welcome to the site!