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Hiya! I've been roleplaying in PbP forums for about 7 years now, and I'm looking forward to branching out to a fandom-agnostic site like Iwaku and finding some awesome people and plots! I've always been a huge reader and writer who's drawn to compelling stories, and I'm actually a librarian/archivist (hence the nerdy historical photograph that's my avatar)! I'm drawn to plots that involve immersive collaborative worldbuilding with intense character development. For me, creating amazing settings and compelling characters and seeing how they interact is what it's all about. I'm also an avid player of tabletop games, including D&D and most recently The Quiet Year (a collaborative worldbuilding game. It. is. awesome.) I actually have an idea I want to explore on here, of playing a collaborative worldbuilding game like Lexicon and then roleplaying in the setting we create together.

My interests are pretty varied: I love high magic settings, but am also interested in the intersection of magic and sci fi, particularly in outer space settings. My primary fandom is Harry Potter, although I'm mostly drawn to off-canon and AUs. I have an idea for an AU founders RP, and I also was very active on a post-Potter site for a long time. I'm also a history nerd, and would love to have some historical RPs on here, though I have less experience with those. I also love plots about witches, witchcraft, and fairies/the Fey.

I tend to write semi-long posts (3-5 paragraphs) and I think I'd classify my writing style as anything above "adept," depending on my mood, how much time I have, and the expectations of my writing partner. I do work full-time so will never be able to manage several posts a day consistently, and get most of my writing done on nights and weekends.

I live in New England and get to work with amazing historical material every day. My husband and I have 2 adorable cats, and in my free time I enjoy cooking, reading (I'm in 2 book clubs!), puzzles, and making my own soap.

Looking forward to getting started! 😺
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