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  1. This is general! Even if you don't see a specific plot you'd want to do with me, please do approach me about other possibilities if they fit in with everything I've said!


    Age statement: I have achieved the glorious age of twenty-three!

    M/m, m/f, or f/f? I'm hopeful I'll see m/m, m/f, f/f, and genderqueer romances, anything my partner is moved to write! I have a special fondness for m/m, though. Something to keep in your pocket.

    Your strengths, or genre you feel most comfortable writing: I'm very, very, very good at writing dark things, and I'm also good with description. If you like to see a whole scene painted, I love writing in that style. If you like to see writing in which every character and description is moving the plot directly, I'm still learning how to curb myself that way. I can always give it the old college try, though.

    Are there any character types or ideas you specifically want to write?: Power struggles within a relationship, and at least one good malicious character.

    Squicks or things you hate: All cultures in the story based on Western Europe, or more specifically, a Western Europe with minority religions and peoples magically erased. Characters without flaws. Other than that, I'm hard to squick.

    Cliches you enjoy: Slavery. Servitude. Political power games. Rich world-building. Several people in love with one person. For loving relationships, two people who see each other as equals, who respect each other enough to find out what the other likes and wants, two people with genuine care behind them, but whose relationship is flawed. Blood pacts. Guilds. Thieves. Street gangs. Magic. Mythology. Mass hysteria.

    Cliches you DO NOT enjoy: Rape Is Love. Please no, not under any circumstances. Even dub-con (dubious consent), I'd prefer not to see it. Magical Healing Cock, because trauma is real and should be realistically explored. Soulmates, just because I've always found it unrealistic. Most romance clichés.

    Are there any themes, character types, or settings you are especially excited about writing?: Oh my God, I can't even tell you. I LOVE history, the more obscure the better. Please, partner, roleplay something historical with me. I'm a huge history buff. Some some of my favorite cultures include: the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuk Sultanate, Ancient Persia, Han Dynasty China, the Wagadou Empire, Renaissance or Medieval Europe, the Mexica Empire (Aztecs), the Iroquois Confederacy, the Islamic Empire, but really, I love history so much I will probably be fine no matter where you set it, so long as it's not modern. For character types, I love having one character, at least one, who's a big guy, with some kind of honor, but not complete or faultless. If he's a fighter-for-hire or a mercenary, I'll be especially pleased. Other character types I like include the classic Robin Hood trickster-with-morals, particularly if they're running away from a dark past, and at least one despotic lord/sultan/shogun/godking/guy in power.



    The men, diplomats, and Shah were all situated, and I’d retired to my own suite an hour ago, pleading fatigue from long travel. In truth, we had wasted hours of the day needed to run my Kingdom and Empire on the pointless extravagance insisted upon by the rich and diplomatically well-connected Shah, who unfortunately might very well refuse to capitulate if he weren’t successfully buttered up.

    I’d opened a temporal rift in the wall (it would do no harm), and ushered in messengers of many kinds, attempting to keep abreast of the workings of Empire.

    I’d closed the rift a few minutes ago, having garnered what I needed for now, and leaned back with a sigh, skimming through the thick dockets of field reports of a skirmish on the borders of Gandara and Alaric, both reconnaissance reports and simple soldier’s summaries.

    Using my device to allow me to see again, which tapped into my occipital lobe and bypassed my ruined eyes, very quickly built into migraines. Aware of the growing headache, I stacked the intelligence next to massive account books printed into braille and began drafting an official order to the Councilor of the Exchequer for dealing with the inflation running rampant after a shipping bust among the northern archipelagos.

    Bent over the desk, half-marveling that the lens could show me the ink staining my fingers, I heard the knock and cleared my throat.

    "Come in," I called, wincing at the feel of my headache and self consciously removing the antenna.



    1.) "Slavery of the (insert-magical-race-here, Elves, what have you) is the basis for our entire economy." In a societal system built on inhumanity and greed, there are always justifications. Explore the moral repercussions and the extents men will go to for money.

    2.) Magicians bind their familiar to them, in an inequitable relationship that is often detrimental to the enslaved spirit. When a particularly arrogant wizard binds your character, how will they survive? What might be hanging in the balance?

    3.) Gods. All-powerful. Terrible. And interested in the lives of mortals with the negligence of a drunken game of chess. Unless you happen to catch their eye.

    4.) A Naga has long been wielded in ancient Persia by a local satrap, used to control the local population. A woman hates her to-be husband from a political marriage? The Naga's venom makes her madly in love. A serial rapist? Sentenced to spend the rest of his life willingly aiding the government, fully impotent. When mere suggestion is dangerous, and a comely young thief is brought to be sentenced to never steal again, the satrap's eldest son has . . . different plans.

    5.) The Court of Dragons, buried beneath the sea of Japan, has long existed, long remained pure from the evil influences of men. On a peaceful day, however, a human man (Chinese? Mongolian? Japanese? Korean? Shinto? Buddhist? Etc.?) is saved from drowning, and finds that good uncontested is evil, and purity, an illusion. (I'd like it if they had a Qilin as a pet, but I am amenable.)

    6.) The Spanish never came, and Tenochtitlan (the main altepetl, or city-state, in the Mexica Empire, who are colloquially called the Aztecs) flourished beyond the fifteenth century. Your character, a young eagle warrior, falls in love with his captive from the latest Flower War. When one is slave, and one is master, and the threat of sacrifice at the blood altars looms above all, what kind of feelings can be forged?

    7.) Give me Alexander the Great, Hephaestion, Bagoas love triangle! Threesomes! Sexy parties! Maybe the plot is Hephaestion cheating death, and Alexander/Hephaestion/Bagoas living on! Come on guys, gimme a smutty version of The Persian Boy! Discuss the fall of the Persian Empire! It could be so fun!

    8.) Herodotus and Sima Qian meet and have a sultry romance, despite Sima Qian's eunuch-ness! (I've always thought if they'd met, they'd be crushing. History fathers of the world unite!)

    9.) Koumbi Saleh, the capital of the Empire of Ghana/Wagadou Empire (a medieval trading empire in northwestern Africa), has been divided into two separate and unequal parts: the palace of the rulers, who follow ATR, and the Muslim market and trading post an hour's walk away, where the goods are shipped and the wealth of various empires, the Islamic Empire not the least of it, flows through. Islam forbids homosexuality, and its followers scorn the upper class's free sexuality and fertility rites. When a Muslim teen strays from the path of Islam for his love for another man, he finds himself between two worlds, caught in a sandstorm that won't let up.
  2. Howdy! im gonna feel weird if i dont introduce meself after you just did a wonderful job in doing so, so please bare with me.

    Age: 18

    M/m, m/f, or f/f? i play mostly MxM romances but im not opposed to MxF

    Your strengths, or genre you feel most comfortable writing: I love fansasies and the idea of creating my own world. i like mixing up time periods (taking aspects from one area of time and mixing it in in another time period) although i am no where near a history buff i do my reasearch on time periods as i need to to suit my stories

    Are there any character types or ideas you specifically want to write?: i love the idea of being the underdog i just find it fun to play with

    Squicks or things you hate: one line replies that dont move the story in any direction at all and other people controling my character without permission

    Cliches you enjoy: Slavery. Servitude. Mind games. For loving relationships, two people who see each other as equals, who respect each other enough to find out what the other likes and wants, two people with genuine care behind them, but whose relationship is flawed. Blood pacts.Thieves. Street gangs. Mythology. (i have a plot that could envolop most of this if played right)

    Cliches you DO NOT enjoy: modern or slice of life roleplays unless death and strugle make up most of the plot.

    Are there any themes, character types, or settings you are especially excited about writing?: i hate history actually but i love historical settings if that makes sense to you i love you. im up for fandoms anyday especially if its a twisted version of a disney story. like i said i love the underdog im also partial to the odd man out and just the general misfit characters

    that probably wasnt necassary but now you know some about me. if your insrested i have a few general ideas
    dont click here (open)
    ^right there. just pm me and we can work out the details
  3. Okay, I'm interested. You have drawn me in to this. The dragon prompt intrigues me as I have not done one in long time.
  4. Great! I'll PM you to plot.
  5. I'd love to do an rp with you though to be honest most the ones above I'm not sure I'd know how to do. But maybe we can work together in creating a plot?
  6. The idea of being an Aztec warrior master compels me..
    Though if that ones taken I can do any historical rp really since I do have a love for that sort of thing.
  7. Oh, dang. I think you might be my roleplayer soulmate.

    I'd love, LOVE to do something historically accurate with a twist of magic or something. I'm also huge on worldbuilding. As a matter of fact, if you want to PM me with some historical points that you'd love to roleplay, I could send you a plot that I have buried in the back of my mind that I think we'd be perfect for!
  8. Thank you all for your interest. I've PMed you to plot!
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