Hello, from a crazeh person!

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  1. What nicknames do you like to be called?
    Just Nano is fine, I really don't care as long as it isn't obnoxious

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
    I am male, and I am around 19 years old right now. A few months from 20.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
    Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Fantasy, really anything that doesn't base itself in reality. Just don't like to pretend about real life.

    What kind of characters do you usually play?
    I usually play, well a Justified Villan (like Magneto), crazy people, or some kind of eccentric hero. I reallt have never played anything else.

    Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs?
    YAY! I am glad you asked. Zombie Foxes are pretty damn awesome but it can't beat this.
    Space Marines. Oh yeah one second. *rummages around* This [​IMG]
    and this [​IMG] Are AWESOME!!

    Other then that I love:
    1. Warhammer 40k, obviously.
    2. MLP:FIM, Judge me if you wish.
    3. V for Vendetta, Its an awesome movie.
    4. Roleplaying, Just hard to keep my attention.
    5. Writing, I like this too, this list is in no particular order just stuff I like OH!
    6. Eragon
    7. Enders Game
    8. Eric Nylund, pretty much all his books.
    9. AX7 (Avenged Seven Fold)
    10. Skrillex
    11. Anamanguchi
    12. Scott Pilgim (Gets it together, The Infinite Sadness, Vs. The world, Vs. The Universe. Pretty much all of it.)
    13. An endless amount of Manga, and Anime. I really can't remember it all. Ask me if I have seen it and if I have I probably like it.
    14. 1/2 Prince
    15. Bleach.... okay I can remember some.

    Alot more stuff, just gauge my nerdyness, geekyness, and eccentricity on and 3-D Grid and guess what else I like.
  2. *interest piqued* How about Dragon Age (all of them) you like that?
  3. I'm going to call you Phage since it reminds me of a macrophage in the body! =p
    Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Celest.
    V for Vendetta and Eragon are awesome. You are close to the top of my like list, Phage!
  4. Dragon age? Yeah I played them a little, watched playthroughs of both and I like the story. However its a Bioware game so its not really fare cause they are like, one of my favorite publishers. I played KOTOR (Knights of The Old Republic) for the xbox and that was what made me find out about them. Haven't been with them forever but I have lvoed their games for a while.

    Yay! I am on someones list! X3 happeh ish me!

    I like Eragon the series, its probably one of my favorite book series. However my favorite book series is just 2 books:
    Signal to Noise and A Signal Shattered.

    Thanks for the props.

    Or prior warning, i come to most RP sites to socialize I am terrible at keeping up at RPs I just like to start them and let others join then see where they go. I can participate if ya want but i make a good villan >:3
  5. Hellooo :)
    You... YOU .. YOU... Now I forgot what I were about to say ^^

    You like anime and manga, have you seen or read 07-ghost, Hakuouki shinsengumi kitan, hatenkou yuugi, kuroshitsuji, natsume yuujinchou, ouran high school host club, rainbow: Nisha rokubou no shichinin, skip beat and yozakura quartet? If you missed any of them then you should see them x) They are all awesome xD Just some tips ;)

    Anyway welcome to iwaku :9 hope you enjoy your stay :D
  6. I have seen some of those and based on the catagory the ones I have seen from that list it makes me believe that the others are just as.... Jolly as the others... I suppose. Well hello, thanks for stopping by, nice ta meet cha.

    What I mean by jolly is relative to the original meaning of Gay which ment happy and joyus. I will go no further in the explaning my description of those series. Anyway, what cha'll doin? I don't feel like leaving this thread. Its safe here *Knocks on walls* Its nice and sturdy and the subject is really anything since we can talk about anything while greeting one another. If I were to leave where should I go?
  7. You shouldn't lock yourself in to your welcome thread :D Go out and experience the insanity called iwaku instead ^^ And while you're doing that, watch some anime xD ahahah
    I'm not doing much, waiting for people to write in or roleplays, are about to go to bed soon (10PM here soon)
  8. Hello Crazy person *Waves frantically* I'm October, nice to meet you! The only thing on your list I am familiar with is V, good stuff. I think you'll get on well with our other 40k fan boys.


    Hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Oh. My. Lord.
    That list.

    but srs. 3, 4, 5, 12, 13. <3<3
    12 MOST OF ALL.
    Omg. And effing Pyramid Head turned Cube Head from Portal?
    D: I take back the jk part nao.

    WELCOME. c:
    Welcome welcome all the way from Candy Land.
    I honestly thought the title said you were a Czech person.
    And I'd be all like THAT IS IMPRESSIVE.
    But you're not.
    You're just insane.
    That is okay though. -thumbs up.-

    I hope you enjoy this place. >:D
    kay have fun roaming round the pages.~

    I'mma call you NanoNano-sans.
  10. Aw dear brother of mine, how enchanting it is to see you have come out of your shell a bit XD.
    Well I shall see you around,no?*Bows before taking leave*
  11. I, like Celestialis, think of macrophage when I see your name. Oh geek brain, turn off sometime. I WAS A LANGUAGE MAJOR.

    Hee, Magneto <3 I am an Ian McKellen fan. But not as much as I love Patrick Stewart. *ahem* I welcome you to Iwaku, Phage! I like that you're another person who isn't a big RPer. Let's socialize somehow. Whooo~!
  12. AX7 <3

    Also, hai there.
  13. Not used to the new people opening up in public these days, so thats pretty cool of you.
    Welcome to Iwaku.
  14. Okay lots to reply to:
    @Red, Well why not stay with what is safe? Nah I kid, I would love to expand into other threads but I don't know where to go though. Any suggestions?
    @Sir Leche, I have gotten into the habit of typing Sir before certain names so I can remember them better. Thanks for the welcome
    @Staci, lol, Glad we have alot in common, cause all those things are awesome! Ya know yer cool! Glad to know that it is really nice to meet similar people. :3
    @Nau, HAY!! Nice ta see ya sis *Hugs* :3
    @Elyd, Wow Someone else that likes to just talking more then RPing. Well I like RPing, just I have ADHD and lose interest after like 1 month
    @Ili and Yror, Thanks nice to hear from ya'll
    @Metta, Public? Where? *Hides* public meetings scare me... Thats why I talk on the internet where a veil of anonimity protects me from being judged directly. I have learned to care less about being critisized on here unless its people I trust. So far it has only failed me once.

    Nice ta meet'chall :3
  15. Test the jump in section and jump into a roleplay ;) or go to one x one request thread to search for rp partners x) If you just want to talk to people go to the general chatting and make your brain explode because of us crazy people around here xD

    But welcome to the community! >:3
  17. Really? Lol yeah I noticed, I shall rectify that post haste madam, I didn't mean for it to be so... massive. one moment.....