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  1. Hi!

    I'm Leafa, I'm a computer engineering student. I teach kids how to make video games as a part time job. I like cute anime girls, I like drawing, and I want to get back into writing again.

    I wrote a lot in high school, but since university I stopped, so I thought I'd see if I can get back into writing by coming here.

    I used to rp all the time, I started on pkmn.net, and then I had a group of friends in an IRC channel I'd rp with. We've grown apart though, and since then I haven't done much.

    I have loads of stories I'd like to get out and lots of characters to develop. Hope to see you guys on the other boards!
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  2. Hello Leafa, you seem like an interesting person (and Computer Engineering too! That's neat ^ ^! ) Welcome to Iwaku, enjoy your stay!~
  3. Greetings! As one who aspires for robotics, I too dabble in computer engineering and science. Here's to hoping you enjoy the place!
  4. I am actually going into the field of computer sciences also. ^^ And I have programmed robots. It is quite fun. Welcome to the site, would you like to roleplay?
  5. Hey Hibiki! Thanks :) You seem pretty cool too!

    Awesome guys! Robotics is super cool, I've gotten to work with some really cool robots in my program, including the LEGO Mindstorms and this adorable guy. I can't decide whether to go for software development or robotics when I finally get out of school, because I enjoy both of them so much.

    I'd love to roleplay but I think I'm going to float around for a week or so until finals are done, haha. This site just seems to active and alive I had to join and get in on the fun.
  6. I personally would probably go with software development because I wouldn't wanna be limited to robots. But that's just personal opinion. ^^ I have worked a little with LEGO Mindstorms, but I mostly worked with VEX Cortex and Arduino.

    And as for roleplay, we could set up a little onexone roleplay that you can just reply whenever you feel like, so you don't have to be committed to anything during finals.
  7. Well hello there Leafa, welcome to the community! ^o^