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  1. I just came by looking for a new site to roleplaying with my friend. This looks like the ideal site to start roleplaying from an old site us two used to be in, which was a little place called Chicken Smoothie. (Strange, I know.) I just hope I can get some guidelines, small tips, and anything of use for me on this site. I am looking forward to roleplaying here despite my withdrawn nature. This is due to me being quite shy, so I hope I can get some RP invites to groups. If I can come out of my shell, that is.
    Thanks for visiting this thread.

    -Myung Shim

    I would like all the help and guidance I need for this site. Thank you.​
  2. Hello there. Other than the usual RP etiquette like no godmod or spamming, some things I've noticed about this place in particular are...

    Post length - some people stick to a couple sentences and some go up to several paragraphs at a go. You might see a preference listed ahead of time; otherwise feel out your compatibility.
    M-rated with age - Funny enough, 17-and-under can write Mature with other minors, 18+ can write with other adults, but adult writing graphic sex with minor crosses legal issues.
    Response time - Although your partner might be online and keep up with you live, and some folk don't check in for a couple days at a time, I've found once a day to be average.

    Guides - When you've got time for reading material, everything named "Workshop" gives amazing advice, and somewhere in there is a nuance even a veteran hasn't tackled yet.
    Edit: "Roleplay Institute" https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forums/roleplay-institute.89/
  3. Oh, and while focusing on the help I've overlooked - WELCOME.
    Also, you usually enter a group because of browsing and applying first, but every so often someone sends out a mass invite. Check most recent posts, because there are some interest groups or group-RPs with fantastically exciting themes but the last post was over a month ago.
    And your Resume (more like a bio for your style and likes/dislikes) at https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/account/preferences is like your calling card - showing yourself at a glance. For as shy as you say you are, someone can redirect there and form an idea about you without you having to make first impressions over and over like in real life.
  4. Thank you so much for telling me all this. This is really accommodating. You are being a great help to me already for a new member such as myself. I genuinely appreciate the guidelines and tips.
  5. Aw, it's simply a matter of (my) having too little to do at the moment.

    But why don't you brainstorm what you'd like to do - because you can find someone interested in just about anything, like an alien interspecies romance - and also check out https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...vate-roleplay-request-and-get-partners.26692/ ? Oh one other thing, One x One doesn't have the same connotation as when people in Chat RP took things to private IM and automatically get intimate; it simply puts two-player-only in its own category while multiplayer gets all the other forum sections.

    Also, whichever member looks interesting? Glance at their name to see their last login, because over a week ago is usually a bad sign not to get your hopes up no matter how exciting the plot request looked.
    Write me a day from now?
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  6. Greeting and welcome hope you enjoy your stay