Hello, fellow writers!

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  1. I'm Moody, a writer who has ventured from the far-off lands of other RP sites in search of that special someone with which to share an incredible, intense story that's been in the works for almost as long as I've been roleplaying-- twelve years for the RP, and about ten years for the story I want to share.

    I'm looking for one or more partners to see what happens, and if the fates of my characters can be changed in a gloriously crazy 1x1 roleplay.

    When I'm not doing the writing thing, I can be found on World of Warcraft, or working more on my characters.
  2. Hello Moody! Welcome to the magical land of Iwaku!~ Enjoy your stay!

    I used to play WoW for a short while, but I had to quit because I became a bit too caught up in other things ^ ^;

    Either way, nice to meet you!
  3. Howdy Moody, call me Crazy 8 :)

    I wish you best of luck in your search for that special someone.
  4. Warcraft role-players unite! Been awhile since I've done work on the ensemble I have on the previously mentioned MMO, but there's a lot of cool events that happened there for me. But yeah, I think Iwaku will be a good fit, I'm still figuring it out myself but if you want to chat or RP or whatever, the line is always open as they say.
  5. Thank you, Hibiki! I'm getting back into it after a month-long break called NaNoWriMo. =) So far, WoD is even better than MoP. *u*

    Hi, Crazy 8! Thanks for the good luck wishes. =)

    Thanks, Gowi. I'll be sure to explore more. I already have my 1x1 search thread up and ready, just waiting on some partners!
  6. Yay for exploring new possibilities! ^o^

    Welcome to the community, Moody! :D
  7. Thank you, Diana! So far, I've gotten several good hits who are as interested in my plots as I am, so I've been throwing the link to this site at my friends. =D