Hello Fellow RolePlayers <3

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  1. Just making myself known if that's ok. Haven't Role Played in a while. Hope I fit in well enough xD
  2. Hellow there my dear Noob, welcome to Iwaku >:3

    I am Tenchi, the local ninja and it is a honor to greet you ^_^

    I hope you enjoy your stay :P
  3. Well thank you kind sir ^///^
    My name is Niomi. Imma Neko at heart :3
    It's a pleasure to meet you.
  4. It's my pleasau-*gets distracted by the neko avatar* ......... O///O

    Uhhh.... The website has a lot to offer in roleplaying. If you need help the staff members or administrators will be open to help. :)
  5. x3 aha thanks. I'll try my best to not be such a noob at this though XD
  6. Welcome Niomi! That is a mighty attractive avatar you got there ;D

    If you need help with roleplaying you can sign up for a mentor here

    Don't worry about being a noob my friend! Everyone is in your position at some point. Feel free to private message me if you need anything ^.^
  7. LOL I felt the same way with my first time, but you'll get yse to it. ^^ (OMG that sounded dirty O_o)

    Well it'll be ok, bur I'm wondering where administratorsa are @_@

    (btw: If you're up for a roleplay let me know, I'd enjoy picking a noob's brain) :3
  8. Laaa! Thanks aha xP
    I'll be sure to seek help if I do something stupid or don't understand XD
    And yeah I know. But I'd rather be experienced more ya know? my friends got me started role playing but never really helped me out T.T
  9. Oh ahh, I did start a thread in the one on one thing xP Just a practice round for me ya know. Though I was hoping for it to be more of a slight romance thing so if that bothers you...
  10. I shall take a look :P
  11. ^///^ thanks...*embarrassment rushing in*
  12. ANOTHER NEEEKKOOOO~! SQUEE~! <3 *tackles*

    Hello, Miss Niomi! I am Iliana, Goddess, at your service! Well, to get technical you're at my service since I am the Goddess and all but lets skip the complications! :D

    Haven't role played in a while! That is the perfect bait for my trap! I mean...You should join role plays that are in progress! 8D Theres a really good High School Supernatural one called
    Project SINC that is interesting! If not that, why not try out a medieval action romance called [ S P E R O - Our Last Hope ] that you may be interested in as well! There are a lot of rps to jump in to so have your fun!

    And, if you have any questions or need guidance, let me know!
  13. *Tries to breathe while being tackles by a random person*
    Knowing that I'm a cute little Neko, I'm at the world's service nyaa!
    And Project SINC sounds interesting... I might check it out >^.^< Thanks for the advice
  14. Iliana relax *ears twitch and tail sways* Anyway, Its nice to meet you Nio and welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your stay here ^^9
  15. Lol well thank you and she's fine XP i'm used to getting glomped on a daily bases lol
    I've already started enjoying my stay here and knowing that people are actually wishing me a good time here, i feel loved >^.^<
  16. ^^9 Thats great news. Also, if you have any ideas on rp, i'll be glad to rp with you. Whatever idea you have, feel free to express it.
  17. Aha thank you ^///^
    Ahh but I won't be on here much longer for tonight >< school tomorrow. BLAHHHHHH!
    Though when I get home I'm bound to be on here for as long as I can xP
    And If I come up with a new plot that I wanna play out you'll be the first to know >^.^<
  18. -runs by at a high speed and stops next to the new Neko-
    Ask of us and you shall recieve
    -noms a cookie-
    Now who wants a cookie :3
  19. *looks over at Tenchi then back at Nio* Heh, Sounds good. Anyway, explore and look around the world of Iwaku and may you meet new people and have fun on your journey. I'll see you around Nio *jumps backwards as my wings appear and I fly upwards, then dissapears*
  20. >O.O< pretty wings....oh great. Now I have the urge to chase a butterfly >< me and my cat-like ways.
    *Shakes my head*