Hello, Fellow Iwaku Members!



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I'm new here to Iwaku Roleplay, and I'd like to get started as soon as possible! RP is one of my favorite hobbies, but I could still use a little fine-tuning. Anyone who is interested, please contact me! I'm still getting the hang of this site, so patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.
Welcome, Ame-chan! n.n
-throws confetti all around.-
I hope you enjoy your stay at Iwaku.~
It is a lovely place, with lovely people who are willing to help you in any area the bestest they can!
I'm sure you'll find a place to snuggle right in, and develop a comfortable niche for yourself. :3
Welcome welcome welcome.~
Welcome, Madam of Large Text. I am Rory, one of the admins of the forum, if you need any help; please feel free to ask.
Hello madam! :D I am sure there's loads of patience to go around! Welcome to Iwaku!
See this cookie? >>:cookie: It is for you. Take it. =) Welcome to Iwaku!
You are wonderfully welcome. ;) haha
Welcome Amatsubu, welcome to Iwaku! Yeah I remember on my first days around here I was lost, too. Well, I do get lost everywhere at all times so I wouldn't blame the site at all. I hope you have a great time here! Welcome again!
Welcome aboard! I'm October, Nice to meet you. Rp is my favorite hobby, too. It has had an iron grip on me for several years now and shows no signs of letting go....awesome. Iwaku is the perfect place to sharpen your skills, glad you decided to join.
Well hello and welcome to Iwaku!
Many of us (including myself!) are passionate about roleplaying, so I'm sure you'll fit right in.
To find some awesome group roleplays, make sure to check the ooc and signup area. There's also a section for requesting one on one roleplays, but I encourage group ones too. It's so fun to collaborate with others. <3

If you need any help finding your way around, please don't hesitate to ask!